Alan Wake

So I’m basically terrified of playing this game at home alone (and especially in my bedroom with the door closed and the lights off!). For example, at a random point in the game, I was attempting to leave a house after watching some dude die in the upstairs bedroom. I went down the stairs and I could see the front door so I started heading towards it. I heard the smashing of a window breaking in the kitchen behind me so I walked back towards the kitchen. Yes.. I know that’s the stupid thing people in horror movies do right before they die: walk towards the scary sounds. I stood in the middle of the kitchen and a Taken came running at me. This was at the same time as lll KiRa lll opening the front door of our house. So naturally … I screamed!

I had the girly, high pitched, actually afraid of something scream!

…and lll KiRa lll came into the bedroom laughing at me.

I love being scared. I love the jump factor of the game and the unknown moments when a Taken is going to appear. Once you get into the game a bit, the Taken possess worldly objects too, and they come flying at you! A great addition. Rather frustrating when I can’t move out of the way fast enough. But such a good idea and it makes me keep my guard up because I never know Who or What could be attacking me around the next corner.

Needless to say, lll KiRa lll was surprised to see me playing Alan Wake when I was alone because I said I wouldn’t play it alone. I haven’t played it alone since… but dammit I want to play!

I suppose I could leave the lights on and the bedroom door open, but that would defeat the point! Alan Wake is suppose to be played in the dark. It is suppose to be scary. It is suppose to make the player jump and fear the unknown. It has it. Alan Wake scares the crap outta me when I’m alone. Well… specific scary moments do! LOL I’m not that girly 😛

Maybe I will leave the lights on and the door open the second time I play. I will likely play the game again to finish getting the achievements, and of course to see what the “free” downloadable content is in July. I know I’ve missed a few achievements cause I haven’t even found all the manuscript pages.


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