Fable’s and Dragon Age

When I logged onto xbox.com I saw the headlining advertisement for Fable 3. I am totally looking forward to it. I loved the first and second. I thought it was easy enough but could be challenging depending on what the gamer was looking for. The most terrible part of Fable2 is the ending. It is a total disappointment. But I’m sure the creators have heard that enough so they will fix it up a bit. It is virtually impossible to compare Fable 2 with a game such as Dragons Age. Dragons Age is takes role playing games to a new level. The world is huge and there is so much to explore but there isn’t too much that it’s overwhelming. Oblivion is an example of a super-open world, to the point that it’s difficult to play due to time.

In Dragons Age, the characters choices and engagement with other members of the group/people in the environment is also great. I spent about 80 hours on the game before I got to the finale and felt defeated. I still haven’t beaten the bloody game cause I haven’t had the patience to sit down and do it! I get really frustrated if I keep dying and I kinda like my 360 so smashing it is not a good idea! I will do it eventually. Perhaps I will make a new character that I can develop in a way to kill that retched beast! The first Fable was probably my first role playing video game. I hated it. I thought the controls were confusing and that I kept feeling stupid because I couldn’t figure it out. I played the first half of the game about 4 times before I actually wanted to go further in it. By the time I was comfortable at gaming, I was only playing on the 360, and not the original xbox. Oh well…I suppose if I’d get achievements for playing the first one again, I’d do it! Needless to say, I think that the creators of Fable 3 will take all the achievements and flops of Fable 1 & 2 to make the 3rd amazing! …that is my hope anyways.


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