Yes…I pick soundtracks for graphic novels…

When I find a new series of manga or the occasional longer graphic novel (Watchmen, From Hell), I pick a band on my Ipod to listen to while reading. I keep the music on repeat for the duration of the read.

While I was reading Battle Royale, I would listen to System of a Down. I thought it was a fantastic choice because its happy and slightly twisted music. To me its a girly version of electronic metal. Comparable to Slipknot…which is more hardcore and well amazing in a different level. Every time I listen to Mezmerize afterwards I would think of Battle Royale and the events that occurred.

Whereas, the Deathnote series was better suited to Linkin Park. It was a slower read and the music was a bit more mellow too.

I like having soundtracks. I like being able to view the art and read the story with music in the background

The way this works is I find a new book to read and I shuffle through my Ipod until I find something that I think fits the book. I usually have an idea of the main story behind the book. Sometimes I change halfway through. The Watchmen started with Rage Against the Machine, but then I switched it to Muse.

I’m currently reading From Hell and I am listening to Chevelle. Both amazing… I love how the music totally fits with the book. It’s soft and collected and sometimes quite intense and fast paced.

Btw…the new Korn single is wicked! I can’t wait for a whole album to come out! I wonder what graphic novel I should read with that…any suggestions?


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