Left 4 Dead 2

I have most of the achievements that I think I will get for this game unless I play with a wicked few people for the expert ones. I have been playing the 2nd one since it came out. I got it for my birthday (which was a couple days after it was released). lll KiRa lll had purchased it early at Rogers for $69 to make sure that I would have it on my birthday! But I saw it at Best Buy for 30 less, so we returned it. By returning it unopened to Rogers (lucikly it was put aside as a gift!), I was able to grab it at Best Buy as well as another game for almost the same price as one game. I think I got Dragons Age too, but I might be mistaken. I will have to look up the release date. I was thinking about putting a 2 day xbox live on my other silver account (Midnite Fairy) so I can go through the achievements again. Or I could just keep working on the 13 or so that I don’t have. I’m thinking its a bloody waste of time to do it all again. Best to just try and get the ones I don’t have already! I want to do the 10 versus match that gives an avatar award. I have started a couple matches before and I’m either matched up with a team that doesn’t talk, that sucks, or that leaves. When I’m playing with a team that is decent then the other team leaves. Its really difficult to get to the finale and win. At least for me. I will keep on trying though! If you are interested in helping with the remaining achievements, send me a message on live 🙂


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