…a bit of my gaming history

I am often asked if I like a particular game I’m playing and if I would recommend purchasing it. I have found that it’s hard for me to recommend games as I just started playing them a couple years ago. I have a very limited background with games…but I’m getting there! I give my honest opinion about the quality of the game and try to compare it to something that I have previously played.

I was in the my last year of university and I got sucked into Rockband. That was the start of gaming for me.

Rockband was a game that I had seen friends play at the pool hall on arcade machines. Well, Guitar Hero games actually. I would watch as lll KiRa lll and Gil rocked out with 2 little plastic guitars. I thought they were mental. I didn’t understand how two men would feel comfortable holding toy guitars and taking each strum so seriously!

I had tried to play games with him before we got Rockband but I couldn’t handle him laughing at me and how much I struggled to learn the controls. Plus I would get super frustrated when I died cause I just wanted to know how to do it. What was the point of 2 little knobby controls… one used to move and the other to look!? I would look up when I tried to look down, and I walked into too many walls. Clearly it was a system designed for boys. That was my thoughts and thus, I never bothered playing.

I spend endless hours watching lll KiRa lll play as a ninja, assassin, and other various deadly characters. I figured I would stick to my Nintendo games like Mario Kart, Super Mario Bros, and Zelda. Those games I could play.

That was until Rockband. We got it as a Christmas gift because we could have 4 players. I think it was lll KiRa lll’s last attempt at getting me on the xbox. Something social. I tried the guitar. I failed. I tried the bass. I failed. Frustrated, I went to the tutorials to learn the bloody controls, and what should happen? I failed. Super defeated and feeling like an ass for dying so much in front of people, I tried singing. HOLY CRAP! I could do it. I could hold my pitch and get almost every note. Did I sound good? It didn’t matter because no one online could hear me. Fantastic feature. I started going through the band play and quickplay with lll KiRa lll and Gil. We spent a couple weeks rocking out. Then lll KiRa lll got busy with school and work, and Gil lived so far away that I was left alone with the game. I learned how play by myself and I was pretty good at it (totally ego free 😉 )

I started playing quickplay online. I liked playing band quickplay because there were other people sitting in their livingrooms rocking out to the same tunes. Everyone asked me about my gamertag and what it meant. I didn’t know. It was lll KiRa lll’s. That was when I decided I wanted my own. It took a while to convince lll KiRa lll that it would be worth it for my own. Like 6 months. I think I got it for my birthday. I used my alias that I used for email and other forums: Midnite Fairy.

I was able to earn my own achievements and people knew I was a girl and not an 11 year old boy playing a girl character. Although, I still get asked if I’m a girl. Do I sound like one? I think so. I am not young boy. I have heard them though… and no offense, but they sound like girls!! Until you listen to their sentence structures. They swear more than anyone else. Maybe they figure its how to talk to people online.

I went all the way through Rockband by myself. The solo vocals. We did the band stuff of lll KiRa lll’s account so I don’t have the achievements for it on my gamertag. Oh well… I am not going to bother going through it again because I’ve got Rockband2 and it’s way better. They incorporated an online tour. That way, people like me who play solo at home can get those stupid achievements for band play.

Rockband 2 was a mission to get a hold of. I wanted it. I wanted it the day it released because it was so hard to find a copy of Rockband 1. I pre-ordered a copy at Future Shop, but Blockbuster was open before them so I went in and got my new copy of Rockband 2 on the release date. I had made some online friends that I played with almost daily from Rockband 1, so we broke in the new game together.

When I first loaded the new Rockband 2, I had no idea about the graphics and how to change it on the settings. lll KiRa lll walked in while I was playing and saw how fuzzy it was. I just thought it was a bug to the game and nothing could be done to fix it. I would have kept playing it on that setting the whole time. It took a while to have the decent songs accessible through tour, but there was a couple of them. The graphics were more crisp and clear and the characters moved more freely. It took about 10 minutes and I kept bugging him because all I wanted to do was play! Next was the calibration. He had to set that. I knew what I like for singing but it had to match for his guitar playing. The calibration is the reason he refuses to play Rockband 1 with me again! He got it all set up and we rocked out a bit 🙂

Games were not a priority for lll KiRa lll for a while as he was really busy with studying and work. I needed the break. I needed to find something other than school and responsibilities. I wanted to relax and have a bit of fun. I created a band but ended up joining someone else’s band. I think it was called Space Monkey’s. I was the vocalist…of course! The band leader was at home a lot so he could do a lot of the more tedious songs so we could play more challenges and the endless setlist. I have played that 3 times now!! Yes.. sadly I have sat in front of my tv playing those 84 songs in a setlist, 3 times. Every time I played with people over live and it didn’t crash. That was the big conversation piece. Thinking that we might make it to song 83 and it crashes! 3 platinum rockers but my guitarists and drummers always failed at least once so I didn’t get that achievement for not failing or breaking. I’ve thought about doing it myself, but I haven’t been that bored. I would rather play online with people, and I don’t want to do it again without getting the stupid bladder achievement.


After many months of playing, and loads of xbox drama that I won’t get into. My gamertag was changed to Midnite Faery. I have changed all my user names for forums. I found out about a lovely “block” feature for people I don’t want to talk to. So yes, I am that “Midnite Fairy”. Now known with an E in faery. It is spelt properly too… if you are curious look up the word. It is a more authentic way of spelling fairy. FYI, I don’t spell “Midnite” properly. Never have. Never will. I don’t like the G.

Happy gaming and perhaps I will see you in the virtual world 🙂


2 responses to “…a bit of my gaming history

  1. Anytime you want to get that bladder achievement let me know. Need to do the same and just can’t go that long by myself. Gets tedious.

  2. tomorrow morning dude! 🙂

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