Alan Wake…second time around

The Dream:

I am playing Alan Wake again on the Nightmare difficulty so I can get the rest of the achievements that I missed the first time I played.

I love the overall game play! The graphics are very well done and the soundtrack fits perfectly.

I may die a whole lot more, and become even more frustrated, but I’m pretty sure it will be ok! 🙂

When I started playing the first time, I honestly had no idea what to expect. I heard Alan Wake was a combination of Silent Hill and Resident Evil. The big difference was that a flashlight was going to be my saving grace? Really? A flashlight?!

…turns out that it is actually a fairly cool and unique feature to the game. It adds a new element because you have to first burn away the darkness with the flashlight and then shoot to kill.

The beginning has a pretty slow introduction. You are chasing a kidnapper through your own dream and trying to kill him. There’s a higher light “god” thing that gives you the first flashlight and gun and you get to learn the controls of the weapons. You learn that light offers a safe haven from the darkness. The “monsters” are called the “taken” and they have the darkness within them.I think that everyone has a bit of the darkness within them, its just if they are consumed by it or not?

There are a few things in the Alan Wake world that I missed the first time so that’s why I am going through it again from the start.

I am trying to find all the coffee thermoses I can to make sure I collect all 100 (for the achievement hypercaffeinated for 30G). I noticed that the ones I previously collected on Normal difficulty were already gone and collected. I didn’t know if I was just missing them so I tried loading a couple times…and sure enough everything I collected was still considered collected. I already got the Damn Good Cup of Coffee achievement (20G) for finding 25 coffee thermoses.

I was looking through the manuscript pages and everything I collected was still there too! Except the ones I missed and the ones that you find on Nightmare difficulty of course! So now I just have to find the remaining pages. That will be a slow and adventurous mission to lurk away from my main course to search for them! Hopefully there are not too many taken attacking me!

I am also looking for all the can structures so I can shoot them. I found the first one after killing the first hitchhiker. I looked to the right beside a large rock and there it was! The first time I played, I noticed the cans but I didn’t think to do anything with them. Unlike the coffee… which me, being the addict I am… went straight to them!

Bright Falls:

Examining the stuff around Bright Falls is another thing I didn’t think about doing unless it was something I was interested in reading. There was a few signs and artifacts that I read, but I didn’t look at all of them. BTW I can’t believe how much Rose hits on Alan in the coffee shop…what a book groupie!

I didn’t get a chance to look at the island from a bird’s eye view until just now… almost looks like a chicken foot… creepy!

I am really exploring everything now. I want to find all the little things I missed on the first go through. The cabin is called “Bird Leg Cabin” so I suppose it makes sense to have the island around it shaped like a bird foot.

I am trying to listen to the local radio stations and watch the television shows more too! I got the boob tube achievement but not the radio one! Basically I’m missing half of the achievements 😦 On the deck of the cabin is the 1st of 11 radios I have to listen to!

There is a box full of Thomas Zane books on a computer desk in the common room. I don’t know if I needed to look at this.. but I suppose I will find out later! Also, there is a chopped down tree root that has initials carved into it. Alan thinks that the island used to have an old love story!

Its nice to see how the smallest details I missed in the beginning the first time, help put the story together.


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