Random babbling with too much caffeine >.<

I was asking lll KiRa lll about getting a capture card so I can record games and up them up on Youtube. I don’t want people to actually hear me sing, so I won’t just record it. Plus, the quality would be pretty terrible. I am going to start researching the capture card. I had some videos up with Lord of da Sith, but I couldn’t find them yesterday. So if anyone wants to make and put up Rockband video’s and they want a vocalist who will get 99-100%… I’m totally in!

I was partially watching as lll KiRa lll played Red Dead Redemption last night. It was his last day off for the next 10 so I did some blogging and setting up websites while he played on the tv. I didn’t want to bother bringing the computer monitor into the room, and the livingroom is too far away! 😉 I laid on the bed with my little laptop while he played his game. I made a twitter,which I doubt I will use cause I’m just not that cool. I also made a youtube, myspace, and facebook. I am waiting to see if facebook will change my name (in which case I will start adding friends to it!). The myspace and youtube are for later. I just wanted my name. For a few of them, “Midnite Faery” was already gone! 😦 so I am now “The Midnite Faery”. That’s right…THE. The one. I created that name. It’s totally mine! At least in my little world it is.

With Red Dead Redemption, I watched lll KiRa lll save some Indian informant off a ship, shooting all the bandits hiding behind rocks and buildings. Then he went to the nearest town and ran into a couple civilians to show me that you could knock them over. Which was fun! …until he got a $40 bounty and was “wanted” by the law. He kept going on about “honor” and how he lost that. He explained that there is “honor” in the game, which you get by doing good things and it helps you get away with bad things more. The irony eh!? He gutted a few buffalo’s and got horns, meat, and skin. I’m still not sold on the game, it looks rather boring to me, but the graphics are fantastic!

I have a couple more days with my GreenDay rental. I want to get as many achievements as possible. I will likely buy it soon just for the export code.

It’s really sad that I actually look forward to going home to play video games. I have an alright career, I work for the city so I have all sorts of benefits and get paid enough… but I would rather spend every moment of every day sitting at home playing games! I know that I would go nuts after a couple weeks, but still…wouldn’t that be just fantastic! Playing games. Always. As long as I avoid neo-citran (or other cold-like medicine…) 😉
I updated my twitter. I might try to fill in the status thing for a few days and see what comes of it. Maybe until my trip to the Oregon Coast is over… if I like twitter then I will keep it, if I’m not cool enough… then no twitter for me! I was telling one of my co-workers that I created an account and she wants to know if it’s worth it. She is also a fellow blogger. She writes about the 30 things she wants to do before she turns 30. She still has a few years so there is time! She is the reason that I started writing a blog (about a month ago). I thought that I would share my so-not-professional opinion on video games.
I was on rockband.com this afternoon and on the main page there was an advertisement for ROCKBAND 3!!! I am stoked! I can’t wait!! I have been playing these games since they came out. I ❤ ROCKBAND! I will have to do a bit more research, but I heard that there will be a keyboard part, and a guitar with 120 buttons? I don’t care as long as the vocals stay the same or get better.


4 responses to “Random babbling with too much caffeine >.<

  1. Oh how I wish I had time for video games! Sounds like fun.

  2. When it comes to capture cards I have a Dazzle. It’s low quality and not that good. If you want to put out good money for one I would recommend a Hauppauge HD PVR.

    If you want to see what a Dazzle looks like here is my YouTube channel:

  3. i cant wait for rockband3 either its going to be AWESOME!

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