I am finally suckered in.

I love the new GreenDay game.

I was playing online last night with some random people and a couple new “friends”. It was pretty cool. I played with Kari Rose and her boyfriend. They sang on harmonies and I tried my bass skills out. When I picked up the guitar there was actually a thin layer of dust on it! Clearly I don’t play the instruments. Surprisingly I managed to stay alive on expert bass for a couple songs then finally felt like an ass when I got 78% so I switched to hard. I got a couple achievements. One for getting a million points on a song (thanks to Kari and her bf!), and another for playing expert bass and getting 3 stars on Peacemaker. They had to crash cause it was nearing on 3am (in Scotland). I had just started, since it was about 7pm where I’m at.

I sang a few more songs in solo play. I got the gold achievements. Now I just have to finish the game! I actually had fun playing a bit of bass. It was something different, and I didn’t suck too much so I went back to random quickplay online.

I got matched up with a couple people. One dude tried to make a 20 song set list on quickplay! I told him that I wasn’t going to stay for that long but that I could play a couple songs. He didn’t go back and change the songs, so I left. The little bugger ended up joining my next quickplay game. We picked One song at a time, and after a couple songs, I had to go. I got an achievement for 2 (or more) players getting star power at the same time on 3 songs (Burnout, Chump, and She).

While jamming on quickplay, I met a cool new girl: MelBabe63. She was helping me feel less ass-ish about sucking on bass. She picked some fantastic songs that were fun for rocking on bass. By the end of our jam, she asked if I had heard of some bubble girl? I haven’t. Apparently that girl is ranked 10th in all the songs on GreenDay. MelBabe63 asked if I wanted to start some sort of girl-band. TOTALLY! I love playing Rockband and I haven’t been in a band for a while. I will probably stick to singing though! I can’t strum very quickly and I have one of the first Rockband guitars that came out so its so loud and clunky. I prefer singing. She was playing on expert guitar and she was amazing!

I can’t wait to go home and rockout again! First I have to spend a good chuck of my day working and traveling to and from work. Fail. I will be on holiday soon enough and in between my short camping trips I will be online rocking for the whole day! …plus I will likely try to finish Alan Wake again. I stopped playing so I could finish my GreenDay game before returning it to Rogers.


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