…so tired…

I took a couple photos tonight so I could put something a little more recent on line. I put the wrong one on my twitter account so its all grainy! 😦 boo. BTW if you are not following me there yet… what are you waiting for?! @themidnitefaery

I spent the evening gaming and finished RB: GD. I think it’s a pretty sweet game and I will totally buy it. I want the export code too cause the songs are fun to sing (at least most of them!). Lord of da sith was suppose to make youtube videos with me tonight, but he couldn’t do it. I think we are going to rock out tomorrow night. If you want to join in and can get FC (Full Combos) on RB: GD then send a msg and I will let you know when we are doing it! 😀

Now that I’m almost ready to return my GreenDay game, I will have more time to get back into Alan Wake. BUT I was talking to a friend who said that Modern Warfare is actually pretty cool. Huge need to hide in the game, so knowledge of the maps would help. I might give that game another shot.
Guess that’s about it. Thanks to everyone who is reading!

Nite! 🙂


One response to “…so tired…

  1. You’re adorable!! Even with your gaming obsession…lol <—–see I checked out your website/Blogs! Maybe you can teach me how to play Call of Duty properly, so that my soldier isn't looking aimlessly in the air while he's getting shot in the ass 🙂

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