a bit of GreenDay and then back to my fav’s!

Rockband GreenDay with bass is pretty fantastic! I decided that if I do a couple of the challenges on bass then I will be working towards a couple achievements. There is one for reaching 1 million career score for bass, playing all the songs on bass, and playing the songs in the challenges. There is one for a 20 song setlist as well. I will likely play this game again tonight.

I loved playing “Peacemaker”! I got 95% on hard 😛

Murder city: is all about the strumming up and down. Boo. My arm doesn’t move that quick!

Little Girl: On the 5th to last note I missed it!! ahhh.. that sucked. I love this song!! I was actually signing along to it (little girl). Before this game, I hadn’t heard this song. It’s totally catchy!

OMG no way!! I actually got 100% on Hard bass for Restless Heart Syndrome! I think I love this game 😉 lol. I don’t know the actual difficulty for the instruments, but 100% on any difficulty for guitar/bass is amazing (at least for me!).

I get it. I’m a total nerd. I love my little dusty guitar. I didn’t think I would enjoy playing bass as much as I do. I am not good at playing bass at all either. I try, but when the notes come too quickly and move around the screen… my eyes bug out and I can’t do it.

Mass hysteria: I got a 451 note streak! I didn’t notice my note streaks before but this one had a lot of notes, and I think there is an achievement for getting a 95 note streak on a song. I will have to look it up?

Because I finished one challenge, I got an achievement for “Stereo in the Static age” woohoo!


I got a couple requests to play Rockband2 so I switched after one challenge. I wanted to grab the Creed song in the Rockband Network. My game decided to die on me. No Creed. I have tried on numerous occasions to download songs from the Rockband Network, but it crashes my game! I get stuck loading for 10 minutes. GHEY. I will not be downloading from there. So don’t ask if I have RBN songs, cause I don’t.

I got a new friend request. He claims to have found me on the Rbforums. I have spent a lot of time on that site (www.rockband.com). I don’t use it as much anymore, but maybe I should start again? I sent him a message to play, but I guess he was already in another band. He sent me a message after the friend request, saying that he has 600 DLC. I will know if we ever play together. Ps to people who add me as a friend. TALK. I like talking on the game. I don’t care if we talk about the best tasting cheese… but talk. I also like to play games with my friends…uh duh! So if we don’t play, then I won’t remember you and when my friend’s list gets full, sadly you will be deleted. I would like to have more than 100 friends but that’s the max for xbox live.

I just saw that I have 402 DLC exactly!! I suppose I should update my character. She still says 350. The main character I use is “Annie”. That’s the name I use on gaming cause I lost a whole bunch of weight and everyone thought that I was anorexic. I am not. Just for the record. I eat. 😛 I just stopped eating junk food for a few months. I can eat it now though 😉 mmmm pizza! I have another girl that I use “Midnite Faery” but I can’t list how many DLC I have cause the name would be too long so I only use her in tours.

Rockband 3. WOW 😀 I can’t wait!!! I don’t know what to expect but I will be pre-ordering that game and getting it the minute the store opens. Maybe I will have to find a Walmart cause they are open 24 hours and I can get it at midnite 😉 Or I could just sleep and get it in the morning from somewhere else! Regardless… I am stoked that they are making and releasing a 3rd game.

I haven’t had time to work on my ranking on Rockband 2. I looked at the leaderboards last night and I am at 1530. I need to spend time singing the songs that are considered “unplayed” so they count for the career score. I will look at my score for solo vocals on GreenDay. I have no clue what I’m ranked at, but I got Gold in all the songs except for 3 of them. I will get Gold on those too… I just don’t know them.


One response to “a bit of GreenDay and then back to my fav’s!

  1. Your should try Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2. You could definitly play with my and SlipperStompy sometime.

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