Top 100 in the World!! Rockband GreenDay Solo Vocals! :D

Just out of curiosity, I checked my ranking on the Solo Vocals leaderboards for Rockband GreenDay and I was ranked 23rd in the WORLD. Pretty fantastic! I could see other friends who were ranked in the 12,000’s.

I had 4 songs that were not Gold yet.

  1. Peacemaker:I got 99% and 174, 212. I missed one note. boo. I want Gold! I got 5 stars. On the second time, I found out that you need 178,000 to get Gold 😀 I ended with 186,000. Woo. Alright…I have 3 more songs to turn into Gold.
  2. American Eulogy: Final score of 304,480 and GOLD! I missed 2 notes (99%) and had star power left over. Hmm.. I think I will do it again so I get 100%. I did it again and got 321, 564 and 100%
  3. Before the Lobotomy: got Gold at 211, 536. I missed a couple notes (99%) so I can still do better on this one too! Yup! I got 100% with 214, 600
  4. Murder City: 118,000 with 100% and Gold!! 😀

I wonder if the challenges count towards the overall career leaderboards? I now have ALL Gold stars for Solo Vocals!! I am currently ranked at 23 😀 😀 😀


One response to “Top 100 in the World!! Rockband GreenDay Solo Vocals! :D

  1. From what I can tell, Challenges don’t count towards career scores because they’re additive. ie, you can carry a 4x multiplier and full star power into the next song, which would skew the numbers.


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