Left 4 Dead 2 Achievements

Ok. I am officially addicted to those bloody achievements. I was playing Left 4 Dead 2 with Kari and her bf for most of the afternoon. There is no way I would have done these achievements without Kari getting it all set up! … thanks love ❤

We started getting my remaining achievements by doing: Violence in Silence. Which is navigating the impound lot and reaching the cemetery saferoom without setting off alarms. We got this one in the first go. It was 30G. I’m surprised I didn’t do this before!!

Then we rescued the poor little gnome from the game and brought him onto the helicopter after a wonderful light spectacle. That gave me another 30G.

There is an achievement for surviving 4 minutes in survival using only melee weapons. This was difficult to do. We made it to 3 minutes a couple times and died. Kari invited her bf in for this one. I ended up lasting 5:27 😀 woo! Beat the Rush for a whooping 15G.

There is a “bug” with The Real Deal achievement because you can go through the whole campaign on easy and change it in the last saferoom (before leaving). I went into the main menu and waited for an invitation from Kari. Once I got the invite I arrived at the finale and walked right into the car. We did the Dead Center campaign. Pretty sweet!! I got 35G for that.

For the Wing and Prayer achievement, I crouched in the corner of the crashed airplane and just meleed a lot! Kari, her bf, and Coach protected me. We had to do it twice cause there was a spitter 😦 but… I got 30G for that!!

Killing a tank with melee weapons gets you 30G! 😀 We tried this on two different maps. Finally I got it!! Kari already has all the achievements for this game. She is wicked good!

I thought about doing the rest of these before but I hadn’t found anyone to play through them with. I am so happy to have met up with Kari 🙂 She is a lot of fun to play games with. Plus her accent is cute too 🙂


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