I bought my very 1st domain name!!

Last night I was on a mission to purchase a domain name. I wanted a .com site! lll KiRa lll uses a .tk site for his video game reviews but I wanted .com. I don’t like making purchases online with visa and paypal would have taken 6-8 days to transfer the funds. So we went to a grocery store and bought a Visa Gift Card. It had just enough money on it to make the purchase! I have a whole $4 left on the Visa.

I own my website name now. I didn’t really know what it meant to have a website name. But it’s just that. A name. You pay to own the name. You have to either link it to something you’ve got online already or create a website (which you need to get a host to put online) and you link it to that.

I have it linked to my wordpress blog. I have a website design program at home so I will likely spend some of my videocation time creating a personal midnite faery website which will link to my blog 🙂 the new address is www.midnitefaery.com


Before crashing, I watched as lll KiRa lll played South Africa FIFA. I am still not a fan of sport games. I tried a hockey game, but I made sure not to sign into my gamertag cause I don’t want that rubbish showing up! Sorry to those gamers who actually like it. I think its a waste of quality gaming time 😉 Anyways.. lll KiRa lll seemed to think that the game was good. The graphics were clear and the sound was good. The controls were new, since he’s never played a FIFA game. He had to fiddle with the “favourite” team settings because Gil (being the lovely guy that he is…) changed it to Israel. Boo. 10 minutes later, lll KiRa lll was ready to play as South Africa. The first match was against Mexico. As it was in the World Cup. At first it was really boring watching little people run around the screen and the quick clips of South Africans all dressed up in their red, green, and black clothes and face make-up! Mexico scored a couple times and lll KiRa lll restarted the match. He was learning the basic controls and I was actually yelling at the television when he got a goal! Pretty funny to hear me shouting out “Woo!!” and “Bugger”–when Mexico scored. I suppose the game got it right there. The “real-life” frustration and success of the game. I’ve only watched one match of the World Cup (Germany vs. Australia) and the video game mirrored what actually happened in the real match!


3 responses to “I bought my very 1st domain name!!

  1. Congrats on the new domain name! Exciting stuff!

  2. Yay for proper domain hosting =^_^=

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