Some More Gaming History =^.^=

I was talking with lll KiRa lll this morning about my gaming experiences and why I play the same 2 games over and over again? I do it because I love those games. To me a quality game is one that makes me feel good about doing the “mission”. For example, getting a beautiful headshot that spatters brains all over the screen in Left 4 Dead 2 just before entering a saferoom, or getting an FC with Gold Stars on Rockband2. Nothing in the gaming world feels better! At least to me. For some people though, once they beat a game they want something new. They want a new map or new characters or missions. I am generally happy doing the same thing over again. That said, I wouldn’t play a single player game (RPG) over and over again unless it was REALLY good. That’s why my 2 favourite games are online multiplayer games. That way there is a different dynamic almost every time depending on who I’m playing with.

I had a lot of fun getting achievements with Kari on Sunday, but I don’t play games just for the achievements. I play them for fun. Even if that means I do the same thing over and over again without the little “bleep” and notification pop-up. Although those are always nice to hear & see! 😉 The reason I don’t care to get all the achievements in a game is because I don’t always enjoy everything about the game. There are certain things that only people who religiously work towards achieve (like 100% drums), or things that you can get through a bug (like the wicked achievements I got on Sunday). For the most part, I get the achievements that most people will get by playing the game. It is usually about half of the total achievements, but that’s ok… cause I know that I rock! 😉

After thinking about my gaming history and what I’ve actually played, I’ve found out that I am a nerd. Which is cool.. cause nerds are awesome!

Some of the games I’ve played on the Xbox 360 are: Alan Wake, Oblivion, Wall-E, Fable 2, Dragon’s Age, Overlord (1&2), Gears (1&2), Tetris, Silent Hill, Resident Evil 5, Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2, and of course all the music games for Guitar Hero and Rockband. I am sure there are more that I am forgetting now.

On my PSP and Nintendo DS I’ve played all the Zelda games (Phantom Hourglass, Spirit Tracks…), Mario Bros., Rockband, and Silent Hill. I usually play these systems while traveling to and from work (if I’m not blogging).

On the PC I was addicted to The Sims. I spent hours, days, weeks… just sitting in front of the computer building houses, creating families and then killing them. Don’t worry, I created lovely little graveyards for them! On the PC I also played a lot of Rise of Nations. I loved the feeling of building up and army and workers and then sending them to war. It was a wonderful feeling to know my little group of people could take care of their own land and people and get rid of the other teams! I was a killing machine! =^.^= I also played games like scrabble (literati) on Yahoo. I loved that game because I grew up playing it on a board (yes.. like cardboard!). My mom was an avid scrabble player. Actually, she still is.

I played most games on Nintendo and Super Nintendo when I was a kid. I loved Zelda, Super Mario Bros., and Mario Kart. I kicked some serious butt! I have 3 brothers (2 older and 1 younger) and they got to the point that they wouldn’t play with me. Yes! I spent that long playing… to the point I was WAY better than them 😀 I remember when my dad gave myself and my little bro a Super Nintendo for Christmas and he had actually created a video (VHS) of him playing it so we could learn all the little tricks and controls. I think he was just looking for an excuse to play games!

I spent a large chunk of my childhood playing games. Really, I’ve spent a large portion of my life playing games, but I didn’t realize how much I actually enjoyed it until I admitted that I was a gamer. That happened when I wanted my own gamertag for the Xbox 360.

I’ve also noticed that everyone plays games. Whether it be Suduku, Crosswords, Solitare, Monopoly, Risk, Bingo, Poker, etc. That’s why I am surprised when so many people claim they are “not gamers”.

I, Ms Midnite Faery

…am a gamer.



2 responses to “Some More Gaming History =^.^=

  1. woooo! gaming FTW!!!

  2. oh btw its mephisto9112

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