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After massively spamming my xbox live friends to check out my website and tell me what they think and if they could give any feedback, I got lots of helpful ideas! …and I am totally open to more.

The theme I’m currently using doesn’t allow for more than 2 widgets, so I am limited unless I change the whole look of my page 😦 I am not fully against that idea as I have just started this blogging thing about a month ago so I am not attached to anything yet.

I am going to put a boarder around my photos. The laptop I use for blogging runs on linex and I don’t have a photo editing program on it, so I have to add a border on a different computer. It will get done as I have seen the photos with a boarder on other theme previews and it does look better!

I tried to look up forums to see if I could add one to my current page. Sadly, there is only one theme that allows it, and it is hideous! I wouldn’t be comfortable looking at it all the time. So until I play with my website program or if someone knows how I can find another theme that allows it and looks good?? … I will stick with what I’ve got!

I was also asked if I am going to “upgrade” to the new slim xbox. Uhm. I honestly doubt it. Because I have an elite and I love it! I’ve only got 56 Gb left 😉 but it is the perfect system for me. Perhaps if I get the RROD again or something else fails then I will grab it. Unless there is another feature that I don’t know about that the new xbox will have, I am going to stick to my elite.

While buying our PS3, we looked at the slim one with a smaller hard drive for the same price. I’m ok with it being a bit bigger with more hard drive space! As long as I can play any game I want without it freezing or crapping out. I am good.

I played a bit more Alan Wake last night. Basically ran from one light post to another because I was distracted by messages and fiddling with the blog. ps. I love the messages! 🙂 thanks! Sadly I think I may have missed a manuscript page cause I looked through them and I am still missing one… and I am almost at the end of the 1st Episode. I really hope that I find it otherwise I will have to do it again! Well, I won’t have to. But I want to find all the pages, so .. yea. I have to!

I would really like to play the first Gears on co-op. I asked Kari to play with me cause I think that it would be a blast to go through with another girl! If our timezones really clash and we can’t.. then I’m looking for a friend to help. Send a msg on live if you’re interested 🙂 I started it before but didn’t make it very far into the game at all cause Gears 2 came out.

I am on holiday as of Friday!! So I will have way more time for gaming! 😀 …for 2 weeks at least. The plan is to travel down the Oregon Coast for a road trip/camping. I’ve been to the states a few times and it’s beautiful. We drove to Mount Baker. Stunning!! If anyone has ever been there, I’m sure they’d agree. Not to worry though, any time I spend at home will be spent gaming!


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  1. I will do co-op with you

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