Fable 2 Review

I’m sure anyone who has heard that Fable 3 is coming out can’t wait! I was inspired to write a new blog post about Fable 2 because I’m super excited about Fable 3 and I wanted to share my opinion regarding Fable 2! 🙂

Sure there were a couple features in Fable 2 which made it less than great, BUT there were so many things that made it a fantastic game to play.

I was talking to my local starbucks guy this morning (whom is a wicked drummer IRL). He plays on the regular xbox. I should lend him the first Fable. It was superior to Fable 2 but the newer games are often the preferred ones. He asked if it’s like Zelda. Hmm… is it? I suppose there is a similar sequence to the events that occur and its first person.

You are on a mission to save your sister (who could be seen as Zelda). You have weapons and you kill things (without too much gore). There are side missions and a number of “must-kill” bad guys to progress to the next level. Similar to the beating end of level guys to get pieces of the puzzle in Zelda. It is a mission. Your character is going through all this to save their sister.

When choosing your character to play, you can be a boy or a girl! I know a lot of boys generally pick a girl character because they are “prettier” to look at. With this game, you want the character to represent you (or what you’d like them to) because they change their physical features based on the choices you make. The decisions you make at the very beginning have an effect too because you start earning “good” or “evil”. Yes…childhood choices have consequences. Nothing like real life eh.

I played through as good, making sure to make all the “right” decisions. Sometimes I felt left out of fun though 😦 Being “evil” meant that you could smash stuff and get points, you could kill anything, and bribe people into doing whatever you wanted. I have considered going through with an “evil” character, but it is an RPG, and like any RPG it takes time to invest in the character and missions. I haven’t been bored of my other games enough to give up my time to play them. Maybe with Fable 3 I will go through as evil first!

A fantastic feature of the Fable games is the magic. You can do a bunch of different spells (depending on what you use your orbs to upgrade). I loved fire. Fire kills most things! There are five tiers to upgrade. This is similar to Dragon’s age where the upgraded spells are more fantastic and stronger! Magic is called Will power. Just as your character changes based on your choices, if you choose to use magic then your character will grow blue or red veins. Blue veins if you’re good and red veins if you’re evil. They become pretty disgusting to look at. I actually did a run through with a girl character with no magic because I wanted her to look “perfect”. She had the super glowing halo and was very strong! That said, if you are playing as an “evil” character then the veins will add a cool element to the scariness and yuckiness of your character. The more magic you use, the more veins you get.

A new addition, not seen in the original Fable, was your pet mutt… I mean dog. You get a dog that follows you around sniffing the ground to find treasure and attempting to help you in battle. Make sure you upgrade him/her as much as possible otherwise you will end up with a whimpering little beast following you around because they get hurt easily. I clearly didn’t like the idea of the dog feature, but towards the end of the game, I couldn’t part with the little bugger- which I named Bob.

Beside the main story line, which I thought was pretty interesting and fun to play. There are plenty of side missions to keep you busy. You can work to make money. You can buy and sell things. You can get married, have children, and then if you’re really twisted you can kill off your wives (or husbands)! But remember to be safe and pick up some protection to avoid nasty STD’s.

There are dreaded little gargoyles to find around the world. They taunt you. Listen while walking around for a weaselly little voice, then find the bugger and shoot it! If you find all 50 then you get an achievement and a pretty cool weapon.

There are odd jobs that you can do for the towns people and that usually ends upwith renown and a monetary gift.

Keep an eye out for shinning silver keys because you can use them to open chests. They are scattered all over the world.

There are also Demon Doors (I think 5 of them) that you can open for a surprise. You have to do things in front of the door to get it to open. You will know what it is if you listen carefully to the riddle.

I’ve never played a game relying completely on the map. Actually, most of the time I forget it’s even there until I am so frustrated that I want to quit. Fable 2 has a lovely glowing gold trail which shows you the direction of your next objective. You can change the brightness of this trail so it’s vivid or very faint.

One of the biggest complaints is the end of a game. How do you end a game like this? (I’m not going to tell you the ending… cause you either already know, or you haven’t played it yet and I don’t want to spoil it). That said, I agree that it should have been more like the original Fable or Dragon’s Age. I am still so frustrated with finishing Dragon’s Age that I have considered playing through it again and making different choices and upgrades. That’s a sure sign of a worthy RPG. Fable 2 is a fantastic game and I would highly recommend it to anyone who likes RPG’s. Sure, the end isn’t ideal but the rest of the game play makes up for it!

Cheers 🙂


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