Roadtrip to Oregon pt.1

We left for our mini road/camping trip on Monday afternoon.

Before leaving, I had to go to the store to pick up some necessary camping supplies. A butane stove, tarps, dishes, an axe, and fire starter sticks. I don’t know if we are allowed to bring butane across the border into the states so we can just pick some up while we are there. The same goes for food. I don’t know what the restriction are. It seems stupid that I can’t even bring my own mustard.

So I called the border last night to find out what sort of food (if any) we were allowed to bring across. The lady who answered the phone said no citrus and no New Zealand lamb. What!?! I’m not allowed to bring the little furry lamb across the border. What a joke. ps. I’m a vegetarian so if I were to bring lamb anywhere it would be “baa-ing” still! Needless to say… I wasn’t reassured about my mustard so I will just buy whatever I need from the states. One of my co-workers suggested shopping at the QFC. I will remember that store name cause it’s similar to KFC.

Of course we had a couple of stops before getting started. Gas. Bank. Food. Typical stuff. We went to the bank and converted our Canadian money into American. Their money is SO ugly! The teller agreed too. Some of the new bills have a bit of pink and colour to it!

The gas station we went to was just off the highway. It was at a dodgy little gas station. Totally old school… but it did the trick. Heigh Ho! Heigh Ho! It’s off to Oregon we go!! 😀

Before leaving we looked up the weather in Oregon and in Oysoyoos. It’s 30ish degree’s Celsius (86F) in Oysoyoos and 15 in Oregon. Boo. We’ve never been to Oregon, so there is the novelty of going there. But I hate the rain. There is enough rain in Vancouver and with my 4 day holiday I really wanted sun. Is that too much to ask for!? SUN at the end of June!? It’s raining here. It’s always raining in Vancouver. I think we’ve had maybe 5 really nice days so far this year. When the sun was shinning and you could walk around in shorts and a t-shirt.

5PM: stopped at a gas station in Arlington. Opened the door to step out of the car and what should I find but a dime!!! On the ground right in front of my door 🙂 There is a huge story behind the dimes. It has to do with my dad. That just make my day. I am so happy to have found it and I am going to keep it forever with all my other dimes. I was looking at the calendar yesterday and it’s been 6 and ½ months since my dad died.

We drove and drove… Following the 5-I highway out of Washington. We took a rather confusing turn off for 101 Highway. We wanted to take that because it is the scenic route and that’s the whole point of the trip! Hours and hours of driving through small isolated towns and deserted landscapes. I had no idea that the beauty I’m used to in Vancouver spreads all the way down the coast.

Washington has less of the looming mountains everywhere but it sparkles with a different shade of green. Further down the 101 there are daisies… Everywhere!!! Fields of them! I love daisies. They are my favourite flower. I haven’t seen them growing in the wild for years.

The sun had started to disappear and lll KiRa lll was getting tired of driving. So we were on a mission to find a campground. We passed on cause they were no signs prior to the turn and we were going too fast. Then I looked at “Vicki” (our GPS) and she said it was another 2 hours until we reached Cannon Beach.

A few more minutes down the 101 we saw a County Camping sign and made the necessary turns. I figured that County Camping was the same as Provincial camping so I thought it was better than some dodgy private site.

That said… we ended up on some back roads in the middle of nowhere! There were no lights on in the houses or shops and it was totally dark. We were about to turn around or park and sleep in the car then we saw a Kamping sign. K-amping?! I have never seen it written with a K. I asked lll KiRa lll if he thought it might be a reserve or something. We had no idea where the twisting dark road was taking us. We carried on. Sure enough! It was an official campground. There were people with tents pitched and cute little cabins.

Since it was about 10:30pm when we found this place, the office was closed and we did night registration. $25.39 a night for tents. No bad. We found the nearest site with trees around it for shelter and started to pitch up. There was a code for the bathrooms and luckily some campers using it as we were registering told it to us.

At about 4:30 in the morning the bloody birds starting singing! I didn’t mind the nice sound coming from them, but the damn rooster. What a horrid noise! I looked at the clock cause I was starting to get annoyed and didn’t want to lay there sleeping if we could get up. Nope it was 5:30am. The roaster just kept going! It was terrible!! By about 6:30 he had shut up and I feel asleep for about an hour, in between getting squished by lll KiRa lll and our teeny tiny tent! Note: a 2 person text actually means 1 small child can fit. It was super squishy!

There was a clamming/oyster beach. Weirdest thing I’ve ever seen. The water is still for as far as you can see. And muddy. Its like a marsh but just mud. The sediment in the rock walls along the beach were beautiful. There were layers of mud, rock, and shells.

…off we go for Day 2.


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