Silent Hill Walkthrough

This is my first attempt at a walkthrough so it may take a while and have plenty of stuff missing. I wanted to give it a shot though. Enjoy!


Right Button: opens Weapon Inventory

Left Button: opens General Inventory

Press X to select something

Press A to interact with the world

Press Y to open the Map


LT & A A A (X) – X adds an extra stab or jab with the combat knife


Silent Hill: Homecoming starts with a totally creepy introduction. Very “Saw”-ish…You are being pushed down a dark hallway on an operating table. You can hear people screaming and tools at work! Your arms are belted onto the table. You are left alone in a room. Press A to wiggle out of the operating table.

In the first room, before exiting through the double doors, there is a “doctor memo” posted on the wall. It reads:

“The patient in room 206 is scheduled to undergo a trans-orbital lobotomy tomorrow”.

Sounds like fun eh!?

Through those doors you will find a child locked in a cell. Across the hall from the child, posted on the bulletin board is another “doctor note”. It reads:

“Room 205, patient went missing, last seen in the day room after a confrontation with another…”. Nothing more can be read.

Hmm… ok. Missing people and lobotomy’s.

There is a code for the cell. The first mission is to find the code to open the cell door. The child seems happy enough though. In a twisted sort of way. Sitting on the ground, humming…giggling… and whispering “Alex”.

There are two doors. The one on the right is locked. The one on the left opens to another room. After locating the map hanging on the wall near the next door, you will find out that you are in the Nurse Center, and the child’s name is “Josh”.

There is an xray board with a picture, well half a picture of ribs and 3 numerical digits written on it. They are 624. On the counter there is an “attention staff” note that reads:

“Our security has been somewhat compromised- a patient used an x-ray film to write own the code for the security gate. We have recovered the first half, but the second half is still missing. Should you find the missing x-ray piece be sure to notify the head of security immediately”.

Uhm yea. Ok… where is said security when there is blood and guts everywhere!?

After exiting the Nurse Center, you can walk down the hall. Room 201 is locked, Room 202 is blocked. Ahh… you can go into Room 203. There is a weird crying coming from somewhere?

Hop over the broken 2-way window into Room 204. On the coffee table in front of you is a “Basic Weapon Combat” instruction, which reads:

“Today’s soilder needs to be prepared for the rigors of training and beyond. These are techniques that are going to keep you alive out in the field”.

Ah-ha! There is a x-ray board in this room and it has another piece of film.

Hopping back over the broken 2-way window, I found a doll in one of the incubators. It’s a child’s doll which appears to be burnt. Apparently I wonder how it got there…and silence. No more crying.

On the counter there is a health drink (pick that up!) and an “incident report” which reads:

…the patient proceeded to leap through the window and then ravaged the adjacent room. The patient was not responsive to verbal commands. Three staff members eventually subdued the patient. The patient entered a catatonic state and stopped responding to outside stimuli. Restraints were unnecessary during the following week’s electroshock therapy sessions.

Well, now I know why the 2-way window was broken!

Be careful running back to the x-ray board! I had a moment of fright! 😉

Put the new found piece of x-ray film onto the board and it shows a whole rib cage. The digits written across the bottom are 624 872. Perhaps that will open the cell where Josh is?

Yup! The door is unlocked! Alex (your character) asks the child where he is going as he runs through one of the doors. Josh left behind his drawing of what appears to be 3 little pigs?

Following Josh brings you to the Men’s Bathroom. SICK! There is half a dead body laying near the toilet with rather large bugs crawling all around it. How completely appetizing! Not much to do in this room, so into the storage room. The only thing here is a “Save Point”. First save of the game!

Next room is the Woman’s Bathroom. In the broken mirror is a combat knife. Ohhh… cut scene! The lights start to flicker and all room suddenly becomes really creepy! Out comes a mutated nurse and this is the first kill.

Left trigger and A focuses on the nurse and attacks with the knife. The combo is LT then A A A.

LT and B will block and B will let you roll away.

Achievement: Alchemilla’s Finest +10G

Now where to? The door is locked and there isn’t any warping through the mirror. The old toilet stalls are now mini cells..all rusty and dark. There is nothing in the 2 that have closed doors, but there is an opening through the cell that is broken.

Press A to squeeze through.

It appears that I am in the Woman’s Bathroom again. This time the scenery is completely different and my map doesn’t show the areas I’ve already explored. One of the toilets have oozing veins pouring out of it! Sick! 😉 There’s a first aid kit on the wall. Make sure to take it.

Looks like I will be traveling to another floor. Straight ahead (through the door to the stairs) there is a note on the wall. It reads:

“The doctors say that I’m unable to discern fantasy from reality…but I think I know what’s going on around here. I saw those demons murder the other patients. I want to escape from this cursed place but I don’t dare venture into the light. It seems that they’re attracted to light. That’s why people who need light to see are their natural prey. They also react strongly to sound. If you want to keep on living, you’d be better off just sitting in the dark and staying quiet. But even that probably won’t save you”.

Ahh…so this is where Silent Hill is different than Alan Wake. The light is your weakness in Silent Hill. If you have your light on to see then you will be attacked more.

Go up the stairs and into a room where your only option is to break the window and hop through. This is the Day Room. There are nurses in here. Turn off your light and see if the patient note is accurate information. Nah, maybe if I turned my light off before hopping over. The nurses already knew I was there! Not to worry though, it’s only 2 of them.

After they are dead then head to the slimy looking door and cut it so you can squeeze through into Room 303. There is a Save Point here. To the right there is a bed with a note on it. It reads:

she’s not here she’s not here

she’s not here she’s not here

she’s not here she’s not here

she’s not here she’s not here

Ok…good to know I suppose? Not much else in that room.

Room 304 is locked. Head towards the Linen Room. Oohh a cut scene. Nasty flying bugs bigger than your head start attacking. Ew sick…I had one stuck to my face. Press X or B to get those buggers off! Kill them the same as the nurse: LT and A.

Achievement: Creeper Reaper +10G

In the Linen Room, there’s a health drink to the left. Go through the doors and to the right into the open cell doors. On the gurney there is a photo. Pick this up. It’s a picture of Joshua’s Robbie the Rabbit doll stuffed in his backpack.

Achievement: Sightseeing +10G

Nothing else in there so head down to the Operation Theatre. On the shelf on the right there is a patient chart, it reads:

SCHEDULE OF TREATMENT TYPE Electroshock DOCTOR Copen Doctor’s signature is required after each entry.

Monday 9:00 a.m. (signed) Dr. Copen

TUESDAY 9:15 a.m. (signed) Dr. Copen

WEDNESDAY 9:00 a.m. (signed) Dr. Copen

5:00 p.m. (signed) Dr. Copen

THURSDAY 9:15 a.m. (signed) Dr. Copen

FRIDAY 9:00 a.m. (signed) Dr. Copen

5:00 p.m. (signed) Dr. Copen

11:00 p.m. (signed) Dr. Copen



Comments: treatment has yet to achieve desired results. Patient is non-responsive. Please administer pureed foods only.

Sounds exactly like the sort of doctor I’d like to have eh! Lovely..

Head down the stairs and drop down. Whoa! There are 3 nurses all hovering at the bottom waiting for you. Well really they were probably working on the remaining ½ of a dude’s body on the operating table.

There is a door that is chained shut. Can’t go through there, but an Inventory option appears so you know there’s a key somewhere. To the left there is another slimy door to cut and squeeze through.

Straight ahead on the wall is a Child’s Drawing. This time it’s only one weird looking pig character. There is an eerie sound of scraping or dragging metal in the background. Head up the stairs. At the top you will find the other half of the dude’s body (from the operating table). Examine it and you will find he is holding the key. Take the Operating Theater Key. Not much else to do here so head back down to the chained door.

Unlock the Operating Room door by pressing LB and down so you can highlight the Key. Press A to use it. Remember you can make a grand entrance into the next room by pressing AA. You will smash through the door rather than open it slowly.

There is an incubator on the left and a note on the right counter. It reads:

…setting the electroshock machine beyond the seizure threshold has yielded impressive results in the patients. The most violent and depressed patients are rendered completely docile… The only side-effects have been minor: memory loss, some dislocated bones, one fractured leg and a patient bit off his tongue. This accident was quite a nice side effect as this particular patient was also one of our noisiest. I’ve instructed the doctors to continue with this intensity level for all treatments.

Well … it is only a tongue after all! What!? Minor.. uh huh.

Exiting the Operating Room starts a cut scene. Josh is actually talking to you now. He tells you to go away and that he’s busy. You ask what he’s doing there and he responds with “I want my toy”. You have 2 options:

Y: How did you get here?

X: Are you afraid?

I picked Y, and Josh said “someone brought me here, they told me Robbie was here. They lied”. Now there are 2 new options:

Y: I want to help you

X: I don’t think I can help you

I picked Y again. “I want to help you”. Josh said “Find Robbie. I want my Toy”.

“I haven’t seen any toys around here”.

“I guess you’re not my friend” Josh replies.

“Ok, I will go see if I can find him”.

New Objective: Find Josh’s toy rabbit.

Go into the Nurses Center to the left and you will find a Save Point.


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