Harry Potter: Lego Years 1-4

The idea behind this game is amazing. I love Harry Potter and I’ve played all the HP games on xbox. I saw that the new Harry Potter Lego is out. Released on June 29, 2010. I am undecided whether it’s worth it to buy now or wait until it’s previously played. It is currently priced at $49.99 plus taxes.


  • It’s Harry Potter
  • I get to play it now
  • I have time to play a new game (I’m on holiday!)
  • It got 8.0 on gamespot
  • The video on YouTube makes the game look cute and similar to the actual storyline and major plot points.


  • The controls look a bit wonky
  • The gameplay looks super cheesy
  • It is the sort of game that will be $20 in two months
  • The new HST is not applied to used games so if I wait then its 12% cheaper
  • It’s Lego.

There is no benefit to buying it new. It’s not as if I would be losing out of DLC or download codes. I played Lego Rockband and I wish I bought it new for the transfer code. I didn’t like the graphics or the “Lego theme”…just the songs.

If Rogers has it as a rental, I will probably just grab it today. If they don’t then I will just buy it. Review to come! 🙂


One response to “Harry Potter: Lego Years 1-4

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