a little time with my favs…

I know I’m lacking in games if I will turn on my xbox before getting a coffee 🙂

Left 4 Dead 2

I loaded up for Left 4 Dead 2 this morning with the intention of killing some zombies. There are many weapons available but I think my weapon of choice is a machine gun. Time for some killing!!

Uh wait a minute… where is my team going!? Nick?… Ellis?? I love people with no mics! grrr… time to find another game.

It’s so hard to play a team game when the team splits up without talking. That’s what makes finding a decent game great! When you have players that talk to each other (and sometimes sing!).

I think the reason I like it so much is because it’s a mindless killing game. You can walk around and shoot anything. well.. not anything, but Zombies! You don’t have to be good at gaming to figure out how to move your person around and cause damage. I’ve seen 6 year olds playing this game!

Lately I’ve spend a bit more time playing versus, and it’s pretty sweet if you have a good team! But I will generally stick to a couple games of scavenge before switching to another game.

If I’m the infected, I love being the spitter in most campaigns because you can find a decent place to hide and blow up the gas cans. Plus the lag of playing with brits makes it a bit easier to actually hit something.

Rockband 2:

Over the course of my holiday I spent maybe an hour playing solo vocals trying to get some of the unranked songs on the leaderboards. I started at 1544 and got to 1387. Not too shabby. Nothing close to the 23 for solo vocals on Green Day, but I will get there 😉 I’d rather play Rockband with people than by myself cause it’s more entertaining.

Its frustrating playing band quickplay when there are so many people without DLC. You can get a full band together and go to the song selection board to find that 2 people quit and the only person who stays has no DLC. Fail.

But then the people who left send invites and you can Gold Star all the DLC songs that you all have in common! Success.

Bat Country (Avenged Sevenfold. Need I say more!?)

Bring Me To Life (this is my favourite song to sing ever! I wasn’t a fan of her music before Rockband but that’s because I hadn’t heard any of the music.)

Clouds Over California (I can’t take any credit for singing this song cause it’s all talky bits and you could say “farts” the whole way through and still get 100%)

Wonderwall (easy Gold Stars and 100%)

Mr. Brightside (fantastic song and fantastic band. I ❤ The Killers)

Singing to System of a Down and talking about the Spice Girls was pretty sweet. Who is your favourite Spice Girl? … mine is Posh Spice. I love how snotty and stuck-up she is.

As for new DLC: I would really like to see more Muse for DLC, Chevelle. Lots of Chevelle!! and maybe some Our Lady Peace? I’m feeling the need for some more alternative rock songs that I can sing along to. Why not throw some girly Spice Girls int the mix, I mean, come on already… there’s Hannah Montana DLC!!



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