Harry Potter: Year 2 Walkthrough

Year 2:

Starts with a cut scene of Harry getting reamed out by his uncle. Harry goes upstairs to find lovely little house elf causing a mess. This house elf drops a cake on the uncles guests (from work) and Harry gets locked in his room. At least until he is rescued by Ron and that fantastic flying car! Back to the Weasley’s!

Floo Powder:

You may notice the little gnomes standing around. There are 6 of them. Cast Wingardium Levios on them to pick them up (B) then let go and hold it again to toss the little bugger into various areas around the yard. Doing this to all 6 will reward you with a piece of the Hogwarts Crest.

There are 2 vehicles you can put together by casting Wingardium Levios. Ride over the green leaves that you can’t smash up. There are 7 carrots that you can pull out from the ground by riding over them. Cast Wingardium Levios to shoot them off into space! You will be rewarded with a piece of the Hogwarts Crest. Drive the pumpkin though.. its more fun than the tractor 😉

There are 2 blue studs hiding beside the front patio on the left. Grab those before going inside. Once inside, collect the studs that you see in your immediate area. You can shoot the bouncing stack of books to release more studs too. Go towards the sink and cast Wingardium Levios to put the plates on the table. You can do this again after casting Wingardium Levios to fix the sink.

Walk into the next room and hit the plant a couple times, the couch and then use Wingardium Levios to hit 2 of the couches. Ginny should be hiding behind the blue chair.

You will need to switch to her to greet the picture hanging above the fire place.

The people in the picture will toss out some Floo powder that you can use. Put it in the fire place with Wingardium Levios. Ginny can’t do magic yet so switch back to Harry or Ron.

Cut scene: Harry said diagonally”, not Diagon Alley, so he was sent to Borgin and Burkes. Ooohhh scary! Luckily Hagrid is kicking around to give him a hand.

Watch out for the chest straight ahead it has teeth and wants to take a bite of you! Shoot it and hop down inside of it for some studs! Totally worth the fall.

There are a couple heads that you can cast Wingardium Levios on to make them blow up. It takes 3 casts. Then you can fill the fish tank with water by casting Wingardium Levios on the jar with in. There is a broom at the bottom of the stairs. Use Wingardium Levios to clean the mirror. Look closely in the mirror. You will see a lever there. Ah ha! This is where Hagrid comes in handy!

Head upstairs and you can put a skeleton together to get some studs. Go back downstairs and blow up the weird eye ball thing in the middle of the room for some studs. Then hop over the shelf to get some blue studs.

Switch to Hagrid and pull the lever on the hand. Cast Wingardium Levios to put the pieces together. Then lift the sword into the painting. This will kill the dragon that is chasing the dude around. Plus, he will drop the key that you need to get out of the store!

Walk over to it and press B to pick it up. Take it to the door and press B to unlock the door.

Hit open all the jack in the boxes to release some broken pieces. Put them together with Wingardium Levios and that will create another lever for Hagrid to pull. Shoot the light posts and other random areas to release studs!

You can shoot the large black spider that appears. It only takes one hit! Then carry on down the path. At the end of the path you will notice another lever. Hagrid can set you guys free! Great success!

There is a piece of the Hogwarts Crest shimmering at the top of a set of stairs and a locked gate. I haven’t figured out how to open that gate yet. I’m sure a particular character will be able to do it later.

Level Complete:

True Wizard

Gold Bricks: 42/ 200

Hogwarts Crest 2/4


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