# 62. Watch an entire TV series that I haven’t seen yet {in progress}

Pretty Little Liars (Season 1, Episode 1)

~*Spoiler Alert*~

I’ve decided to work on another one of my “101 Things”. I am starting a new television series.

I’m watching a super cheesy girly show called “Pretty Little Liars”. There are 4 main characters:

  • Spencer

yes I know it’s a boy’s name typically… but this is a girl character
She spent the whole summer cleaning out the barn so she could move into it and then her sister, Melissa arrived with her boyfriend and they are living in the barn instead. Spencer has a crush on her sister’s boyfriend.

  • Aria

She just got back from traveling in Europe and hooked up with a random guy at the bar, which turned out to be her high school teacher

  • Emily

Got stoned for the first time and almost kissed the girl she was with.
She’s an athlete

  • Hanna

Shoplifts at the mall, and has become the new “It” girl at high school.
Her parents are divorced
She gets arrested while at home because there was a video of her shoplifting, but don’t worry cause her mom is going to sleep with the cop who arrested her!

All the girls were together and one of their friends “died”. The girl’s name is Allison and she disappeared and/or is missing. They don’t know if she is alive or not. The 4 girls that were with her stopped talking to each other because of the secret of being with her? Or something else… we don’t’ know yet.

There are notes being left for the other girls when they do something “off”.

  • There was a note for Aria because she made out with a teacher, and Allison (the missing girl) was with Aria when she caught her dad (who is also a teacher) having an affair with a student.
  • There was a note for Emily, about finding a new girl to kiss (I guess Allison was her old girly).
  • A note for Spencer pops up on her computer saying that if she kisses her sister’s boyfriend then Allison will tell. BUT Spencer knows a big secret about a girl name “Jenna” and Allison. Ooohh… the suspense!
  • Hanna got a note telling her to be careful because prison food makes you fat.

The girls don’t want to tell anyone about the notes being left for them.

The end of the first episode has a climax’s with a lovely little twist that I didn’t expect the directors to do till way later. They find Allison’s body. She is dead.

We are introduced to Jenna, or at least get a glimpse of her.

I’m curious if this Allison character will be similar to the character in Desperate Housewives who narrates the beginning and ending of each episode.  A bit of Gossip Girl (I’m still here bitches and I know everything –A). She sends text messages and no one knows who she really is, but she knows everything that the girls are doing.

Pretty Little Liars (Season 1, Episode 2)

~*Spoiler Alert*~

All the girls are finally talking to each other. There is something huge (or at least huge to them) that they know about a girl named Jenna.  Allison knew everything about the girls (when she was alive) but the 4 girls

Secrets that they know about Allison:

  • She was seeing someone. An older guy that had a girlfriend.

Jenna walked into the café that all the 4 girls were at and they dispersed without saying a word to each other. Hmm…  she is a very interesting character.

A news broadcast announced that Allison was suffocated and had trauma to her head. Ps. They found her body in the last episode.

Mia is the new girl who moved into Allison’s house and has the same bedroom. She is also Emily’s new girly.

All the girls go about their daily business at school. Until they get called to the office.  While they walk down the halls, Aria gets a message from A that says, “dead girl’s walking”.

Jenna joins the girls for lunch because Aria invites her, and she tells that girls that Allison actually went to visit her in the hospital after she had the “accident”.

Flashback: A boy named Toby was spying on the girls as they changed clothes in Emily’s bedroom. They went to his house, and Allison wanted to have some fun by putting a stink bomb in his house. It actually blew up. The house  caught fire.

Hanna has a boyfriend named Sean. Hanna tries to hit on him, but he pushes her away. Apparently he wants to wait before having doing anything intimate. He is the preacher’s son.

Spencer has very uptight parents and she is only allowed to register in classes that are for academic purposes not fun. She needs to succeed at everything. Spencer eventually kisses her sister’s boyfriend and her sister walks by the bedroom and sees them in the reflection of a mirror. Awe sad… the next time you see him he is walking away with all his crap.

Emily starts to get cozy with Mia in bed when she gets a text from A. Oh no… she is everywhere!!  She is taking the pressure of being a lesbian? Bi? Curious? Very hard and sulks around a lot. She almost tells her mom, but decides not to.

Hanna’s mom is sleeping with the police officer who is investigating Allison’s death. This police officer won’t leave their family alone and is watching Hanna while she is out at the mall with her friends.

Aria gets closer to her teacher. She tried to drop his class but it got denied. He coincidently showed up at the same theatre that she was at with her mom! Aria’s mom invites him to join them.  It is a romance that shouldn’t be happening, but is… and why shouldn’t it be? Cause he’s an adult and she is a teenage girl perhaps? But she is happy and the way he looks at her. Blah, blah, blah… sigh.

This is turning out to be the same stereotypical story line as most prime-time shows.

You may want to like the characters but you may disagree with their choices. You might also agree with their choices under the circumstances. I’m sure that there are things you don’t agree with morally but if you know your best friend is doing that “thing” than it might be less wrong? I am really trying to find something intriguing about this show.

Now Allison is threatening to hurt someone because she doesn’t like it when students kiss teachers.

Spencer is out for a run when she catches Jenna with a bunch of phones on her lap, she hears Jenna saying “send text now”.

Is it possible that Jenna is trying to be Allison? Did she kill her? Does she feel she is suppose to be the next Allison because of whatever accident happened?  I suppose these are the types of questions that most viewers are asking.

I have 3 more episodes to watch and that will determine if I can handle following this series all the way through. What if I’m stuck watching it for years!?! ahhh… the agony! Nah, it’s an ABC show so it will last at most 2 seasons.


One response to “# 62. Watch an entire TV series that I haven’t seen yet {in progress}

  1. I will be watching Season 1, episode 6 today! I am actually hooked on this stupid girly show and I will try my best to follow it through its life as a t.v. show. If it is still running by my 1001 day, then I will consider this goal completed 🙂

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