sad :'(

Okay so I might not post as much for the next couple of days as I just killed my computer. Yes.. it’s true. It’s totally dead. I saw a bunch of files that looked dodgy (.blank; .trash) so I deleted them.

*poof* now I get a beautiful black screen and a mouse curser shaped as an X. Sigh…

Note to self: DON’T delete files from comptuer.

It runs on lynix so I might just buy a new one. First I will see if my knight in shining armor can fix it *fingers crossed*

On a positive note, I saw on twitter that my beloved Kari wrote me a letter!! ❤ We are going to be penpals! 🙂 I’m super excited and can’t wait to get it so I can send one back!!

I am going to play a bit of Harry Potter before returning it tonight. I’m paying $1 a day in late fees so I may as well buy it. It’s a really cute game and it’s given me a bit of a break from my fav’s.

oohh.. but first I should check out the new DLC for Rockband 😉


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