woohoo! :’)

I have a whole new operating system on my lovely little computer. Its a net book so its itty bitty. lll KiRa lll knew I was seriously going to buy one on Friday cause I can’t have such limited access to a computer. He’s awesome! He installed a whole new system (which looks way nicer) and he managed to save all my files. Score!

Yesterday on my train ride into work I was playing Zelda Spirit Tracks on my DS. I love my little hand held gaming devices for days where I can’t do anything else. I would prefer to read or write. I have to get my hands on the Fable graphic novels. One of my girlfriends at work (Danielle) said that they are fantastic! She is hooked on graphic novels lately.

Last night, while I was fighting a rather nasty dragon on Harry Potter, lll KiRa lll was talking about the politics behind game development. For example, there are some games that are fully developed and ready to be released after spending years creating it, and then it can be delayed and then permanently scraped. WTF. All that time, money, and energy developing something and it’s thrown out. How completely frustrating. He also said that the president of L. Arts just quit his position. I love that he knows so much more about the gaming industry than I do. I ❤ nerdy rocker boys!

I decided to sit at the front of the train today. I can actually look at the engineer as he is driving. He looked back at me too… nice! I prefer being on a machine that has a driver compared to one that doesn’t. The skytrain runs completely on a computer system. There is no operator. For some reason that makes me feel less safe. Human error occurs but I could almost accept it better. Totally random insert… I know 😉

Oh yea! I might be attending a concert on Saturday with Corinne. The band is called Cat Empire. They are an Aussie band? I’ve never heard of them, but the ticket is free cause he boy can’t make it so I get to go. lll KiRa lll went to Tool last week for $20 because Gil had an extra ticket. Score! I’ve seen Tool before, so I didn’t mind too much that I was missing out 😉

Tomorrow I shall get my tickets to Avenged Sevenfold and Disturbed. Woo! Those are 2 of my favourite bands. I love them. I can’t wait. It’s almost as exciting as going down to Tacoma for Slipknot & Chevelle. I have been listening to them for the past couple of years, and well… I can’t wait. I think the tickets are $80 plus all the service charges and crap, but totally worth it. I mean, I spent $300 on the Spice Girls! Best show I’ve ever seen btw. They changed outfits for each song and had such a huge budget to work with. It was truly entertaining, plus it was their first reunion show. So $80 is fully acceptable.

I’m always looking for new bands to adore, so if you can recommend one… that’d be sweet. I’ve been getting a lot of messages on my xbox rather than comments here, which is really cool! Thanks 🙂 I love knowing that someone is actually reading what I have to say, even though it might be random babbling about gaming and my rather uneventful life 😉 but it’s still really cool.

It’s almost the weekend! I want to do the endless setlist and get the bladder achievement on Saturday morning. Anyone want to join? I’ve done the endless setlist about 3 or 4 times and someone has always died towards the end. No pressure, but I’d really like to get this acheievment.


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