Goal #45 Completed {trinket}

Goal: # 45

What: Buy a trinket while in Oregon

Why:  Because I love justifying that I can spend money. I wanted an excuse to adventure into the city of Oregon and browse their stores.

How: We drove from Tillamook to Portland and tried to find parking in the madness of downtown. $1.60 for an hour. So…I had one hour to find my trinket! Ah, but first I had to have a starbucks cause I was totally coffee deprived! Then off to find a store. I was on Jefferson and 11th and walked all the way down to 3rd to find the starbucks. I could have bought something there but I was on a mission to find something authentically made in Oregon. I know.. it wasn’t part of the requirements but I like stuff to be made in the place that I’m at. Everything I came across was Made in China. Made in China. Made in China. FAIL. I wanted something Made in Oregon or Made in USA.

I asked a security guard where the nearest shops were because downtown Portland is very spread out and the stores are stretched for blocks! He suggested the local mall a few blocks down 4th. So that’s where we headed.

The mall was the same as every other mall. Stores. Purses, clothes, make-up, junk. There was a game stop but I don’t think that classifies as a trinket. ;) Although it would be cool if it did!

Julien found a store called “Made in Oregon”. How perfect!! We went down to the store and on the backs and fronts of items, guess what it said. Guess… just take a wild guess. Do you think the products were made in Oregon? UHM no. That’s right. Not much was actually made in Oregon. Sigh. I almost gave in and decided to buy a Made in China sold in Oregon trinket when my eye caught a cool little metal frog holding an umbrella. I looked at his tags. Authentically Made in Oregon! WOOHOO!!! I was bringing home my new little froggie and I had accomplished one of my goals.

We were about 10 minutes late to get to our car, and luckily there wasn’t any tickets and it was still there!

I love my new little trinket. I wonder what I should name him? MIO? Yea.. that will suit him.

Accomplished on July 1, 2010

Meet Mr. Mio … my new froggy! ;)


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