Ranting and Babbling…

During the week my days consist of travelling to work, working, travelling home, cooking dinner (or ordering out), getting ready for the next day of work, and crashing. I wish I didn’t have to work. I wish that I had enough money to buy whatever I wanted and stay at home doing whatever I wanted.

If I could do that…

I’d be finished Harry Potter by now,

I would have figured out how to beat the final guy in Dragon’s Age,

I wouldn’t have to be around stinky people on transit,

I would own all the DLC for Rockband (yes.., even the stuff I will never play because it’s terrible!),

I would have my own personal trainer so I could stay tiny and healthy,

I would have all the food I could ever want in my kitchen so I could cook up a storm whenever,

I would have back stage passes to every wicked concert this year,

I’d have the new slim Xbox,

I wouldn’t be in Canada,

I don’t care where I’d be as long as I was somewhere that has sunshine majority of the time, and is as safe as Canada, cause yes… I am sheltered,

I would spend lots of time traveling the world with lll KiRa lll,

I would be a game tester purely for the fun of it,

I would take every philosophy course offered (especially those discussing politics, religion, and moral issues),

I would fly Miss Kari out here so she could complete another one of her 101 Things,

hmmm… what else?!

I’d have my own library full of graphic novels and I would have a new shipment of books weekly,

I would have my own Starbucks espresso machine so I could be highly caffeinated all the time

I think that’s about it for now. I am really tired and my brain isn’t thinking about too much. I did however have about 20 minutes to wait for my train so I was able to read Kari’s new blog post. It’s about the wickedness of Avenged Sevenfold and their new tour dates. She will be seeing them in Scotland this year too!! I can’t believe that we were writing about the same thing. I can’t wait for the show.

While on Facebook the other day, I saw that Gil had posted the new video. Amazing. I will be at the music store to grab the new album on July 27th. I must be prepared to rock out at the show. Plus, I will get a new sweater. I ❤ band sweaters. I really want a Metallica one. I am so sad that I missed that show and I really wanted one! Argh.. oh well.

I am suppose to go out to celebrate a few friend’s birthdays on Sunday. I will try my best to attend. It all depends on where and when. The last time this bunch of girls got together we went to a posh cocktail club. I prefer going to a grungy little pub with a live band and cheap beer. I like to dance, well pretend to dance 🙂 Jumping around is always fun! Plus I love getting all dressed up. If we go to a cocktail club then I get to be all preppy and straighten my hair and stuff… lol. Stuff. I am clueless when it comes to dressing preppy.

Then next Sunday, I will be attempting the Grouse Grind. It is a brutal hike up a mountain. I think it takes the fittest person about an hour to climb and someone like me… maybe 2-3 hours!? I am so not fit. That’s why I want to do it. I want to do things that I am afraid of doing, or things that I would never consider doing. There should be a bunch of very cool people going (if you’re not invited but will be in the area… let me know!). I think its all steps? I really have no idea what I am getting myself into. Apparently there are bears up there, so that should be cool to see too!


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