Do you digg-it!?

Last night was a rather spontaneous get together with Corinne and Justin. We went out for dinner & drinks at the Cactus Club. Yum! It’s my favourite place to go. I love it! I’m usually the other punky person there as they are all rather preppy, but it’s so cozy and has amazing food. Then Toy Story 3, attempted bowling, and very VERY late yucky pizza.

Justin mentioned a new website, well new to me… Have you heard of it!? If not, then I would highly recommend giving it a view. It’s called Digg because if you like something that someone posted, then you click “dig it”. Cute eh!? The more that people dig your writing, the more exposure you’ll get and that’s what us bloggers are writing for eh!

I am going to post an entry there and see what happens to it. It might go completely under the radar and never be viewed or digged, but it’s something new to do.

My first link can be found at

I will be linking my next post to it as well.

ps. I tried to be cute… here’s a couple pics!

waiting... bored... boys take so long to get ready eh!? 😉

are we ready yet!?

trying on my wig...

my final attempt at being cute :3


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