I am a Girl Gamer, and Not a Controller Hog… I swear :3

I am a girl, and I play video games. Actually I love playing video games. Lately I’ve preferred playing with other fellow girls cause they don’t have any sort of expectation as to how I should play. I am very friendly and love chatting with people! I don’t play games to get attention from fellow gamers cause I get plenty from my own gamer boy… and I will often delete people or mute them if they start hitting on me.

I started playing video games with my older brother’s when I was a small kid. We had Nintendo, and then got Super Nintendo, Game Cube, Play Station 2, and then I got my very first console it was an Xbox 360 elite for my 26th birthday.

Ok. I am going to set the record straight to everyone out there on Xbox live who want to be “friends” with me. I like friends. I love chatting with people and I love heated debates about anything that pulls on your emotions. I will likely accept your friend request if you’ve played a game with me, and if you show potential for future games and well… friendship duh.

I do get a lot of friend requests, and I am blaming it on the fact that I am a girl. I don’t claim to be very good at playing video games, but I am learning and I’ve gotten a whole lot better. My gamer score is currently 14, 385 for Xbox 360. I’ve played a fair share of games and I love it. I spend most of my free time gaming, talking about games, writing about games, and reading about them. I love video games. I am biased though.. most of my time is spent playing games on the Xbox 360, Nintendo DS, and PSP. I’ve played a few games on the PC. For example Sims 2, & 3; Rise of Nations, The Movies, Literati, and other yahoo games, but you can find me on Xbox live almost daily!

I currently have my very own gamer boy. Who is super smart, sexy, and knows loads about technology, games, music, and networking. If you’ve followed my blog at www.midnitefaery.com you would know that I ❤ nerdy rocker boys! 🙂

I was reading a post by Garrette Grothe on planetxbox.com, titled “10 Reasons Why You Should Not Date a Girl Gamer”. I will list his reasons and my own opinion based on them.

10. Sharing is Caring (and annoying)

9. Split-screen Life

8. You will have plenty of time alone in your mancave (NOT)

7. You Will Spend Plenty of Rupees

6. Enjoy your Back Seat Gamer

5. Trading in/Selling Games is a Negotiation

4. Are You Sure You Want to Restore Hard Drive (when breaking up)

3. Gamer Weddings Are Tacky

2. Game Arguements, You will Have Them

1. A Self Proclaimed Gamer Girl is Probably a Controller Hog

Alright… now it’s time for my rebuttals!

10) Sharing. WTF. Get 2 televisions and 2 gaming consoles and play side-by-side. If you dating a girl gamer and she is as into the games as you are, then this sounds like the best idea ever for everyone! This way problem 9) doesn’t matter because there won’t ever be any split-screening.

8) Mancave?!? What about Girlplace… I love my little dungeon and I would hide out in my room playing video games all the time if I could. Damn.. If I had an espresso machine and full supply of fruit and water, I’d be set.

7) I don’t know what it’s like to date a girl who wants $300 shoes or purses, but a $60 game every month or so isn’t that bad.

6) If she is a good girl gamer than she will actually help you solve puzzles when you need it, and be too occupied in her own game the rest of the time.

5) Here’s a hint… have your own games! That way you don’t have to worry about sharing or consulting the other person if you want to trade it in. Thus eliminating the problem of discussing what to do with the games. The only time you don’t need your own copy is when you have a massive multiplayer game such as Rockband or Guitar Hero.

4) Again, if your girl gamer is a real girl gamer than you will have different systems with different hard drives. Maybe the writer is talking about girl gamers who want to mooch off their boys.

3) All weddings can be seen as tacky. Depends on who is there and how its arranged. Bit over the top to generalize that Gamer weddings would be tacky. I mean… come on, a Zelda wedding cake would be amazing!!!

2) Couples have arguments. It’s inevitable. Regardless of what the topic of argument is… it is going to happen.

1) The final point of being a controller hog is probably the best one. If a girl is bragging about gaming and looking for attention, then she will get it. Maybe that’s a sign that her gamer boy isn’t loving her enough? Messages and witty remarks are flattering and everyone loves a little attention from the right person. Gamer boys… when you have a gamer girl, show them you love them and play games together!

I asked my boy what he doesn’t like about being with a girl gamer, and he said:

-I play the same stupid game over and over again

-I talk to other dudes on live

I think those are the more realistic reasons. I am going to continue playing the same games until a new one is released, and I am going to talk to dudes cause I like friends! I don’t if you are a boy or a girl, as long as you’re good at the game and fun to play with!

Cheers. The Midnite Faery

Xbox GT: midnite faery

PSN: midnite faery

twitter: @themidnitefaery

website: www.midnitefaery.com

msn: midnitefaery@hotmail.com

email: midnitefaery@gmail.com


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