Up Coming MUST-have Video Games:

Dead Rising 2:

Another zombie killing game! 😀 Available on September 28, 2010.

There are fantastic looking weapons. There is a 2 piece chainsaw: a chainsaw on each side of a long stick you can swing around.

You can combine all sorts of things to make new weapons. There is a system called “combo cards” that give you hints about what you can use to put things together. You can try anything and look for hints in the world to see what you can combine with a role of ductape.

bat + box of nails = spike bat

The weapon combos are a very cool looking element that you can figure out while playing through the main storyline.

You can ride motorcycles with chainsaws, or pick a zombie up and drive them around in an electric wheelchair.

Case Zero DLC: released before the actual Dead Rising 2 game. Introduces you to Chuck (the new hero) who is on a mission to find the cure for the zombie bite. His daughter was bitten by a zombie and needs Zombrex (cure) to save her. Any alternative outfits, combo cards and special features you unlock in Case Zero can be transferred directly to DR2.

Fable 3

As you can see in the video, the graphics are very similar to Fable 2. There are a few slow motion killing scenes. Reminds me of Alan Wake. Slightly more graphic and violent than Fable 2. Which is a good thing because Fable 2 was way more child friendly and less appealing for adults. There will still be choices to be made to see if good triumphs evil or not.

Rockband 3:

Not too much new information about this game. Expect there will be a fantastic looking drum set! There are 80+ new songs and all the DLC will transfer. You previous instruments will work as well. But if you feel like upgrading to something new and innovative… you might want to try a new guitar and/or drums! Plus take a look at the perks for pre-ordering the game, and decide what store offers the best thing for you. I just got a new wireless mic so I’m going to stick with that for a bit. On sale for $20 (from $60) at Future Shop

Gears of War 3:

There is a new character, which you get to control the fate of. Whether he lives or dies is in your hands. Twisted? I think so 🙂

I’ve only played the 2nd Gears of War. I might play the first one on co-op with Karma. Hopefully we can figure out all the network problems on my router :S I have to remember the user id and password to open the ports.

Sims 3 on Xbox:

I can only handle so long sitting in front of the PC playing this game. I saw that it was $20 now and I paid full price $60. Fail. It’s not a fantastic game, but it’s stands true for Sims fans. There are a couple cool new elements. You can follow your sims as they go to work, the spa, the gym, and even creep in neighbours windows while they are visiting.

I hope they do something new with the game before releasing it to Xbox.


2 responses to “Up Coming MUST-have Video Games:

  1. Yeah just read up on the GoW3 Carmine character, apparently they are going to sell avatar T shirts with ‘Save Carmine’ or ‘Carmine must Die’ the one with the most sales determines if he lives or dies, bit twisted indeed.

  2. this year isn’t looking too great for game releases 😦
    i got the Sims 3 full price when it came out for Mac, but i agree that it wasn’t *that* great. it almost seemed like a dumbed down version of the Sims 2…and i hold a massive grudge against Fable b/c Fable 2 was not so good (to put it nicely).
    i think i’m gonna save my $ for next year: Portal 2, BioShock 3, Dragon Age 2 & New Vegas should make me pretty strapped for cash.

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