You Done Goofed BOTDF Style!

Lately in the mass-ish media there has been coverage of an 11-year-old girl from the States who was claiming that the lead singer from Blood on the Dance Floor raped her. She apparently posted some inappropriate photos of herself (remember she’s 11) on Tumblr and that’s where she claimed that the lead singer raped her. It was also posted on stickydrama. A website that watches Internet celebrities and their scandals. After she got some slack and a bunch of comments calling her out, she put a couple Youtube videos up with banter about it.

I have to warn you that she is rather vulgar and swears A Lot. The boys in BOTDF do too.

Melodie thought this was rather amusing as there was loads of 10-year-olds screaming “f**k me Dahvie” at the most recent BOTDF concert in Vancouver.

As a rebuttal to this… BOTDF decided to make a parody: You Done Goofed

Check this out!!! It’s hilarious! 😀


2 responses to “You Done Goofed BOTDF Style!

  1. Haha, on the bandwagon you go!

  2. The concert was amazing and they are super nice, I do not believe for one second that Dahvie (the bigger one) raped this immature wannabe little poser Just saying.

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