Saturday’s are Amazing! \m/\>.</\m/

My Saturday morning started with rolling out of bed and turning on the Xbox. Weekends FTW.

I wasn’t even interested in changing the game. Whatever was in there was what I’d be playing.

Left 4 Dead 2.

Kicked some butt on Scavenge.

I’ve joined many lobbies with revott and rosebud but they never started the game, so I haven’t played with them till today. When we won… and the game was over, I decided it would be good to get my morning coffee. Awe I was totally flattered as revott was telling me not to leave cause I was his favourite. Haha… so cute! ❤ thanks.

I went back to L4D2 to find that every game I joined I was stuck with no mic’s!! Argh. That is so frustrating.

I tried out the new Xbox dashboard feature game: Limbo.

Did my Xbox freeze? What’s with the super long introduction and slowly zooming into the trees?! Am I suppose to do something here?

OOOhhh there’s a little boy laying in the grass. His eyes start to glow as soon as you move. Maybe there’s no real introduction after all 🙂

The game is very artistic and it’s black and white. I haven’t played a game quite like this one before.

A or Y = Jump/Climb

Left TS = Move

B = Pull Objects

Jump over any holes in the ground. Otherwise you just move forward in the game and interact with the objects that may come in your way (carts, boats, ropes etc.).

There’s no real soundtrack, except for the sounds that you would expect to hear if you were indeed running through a dusty trail or hopping into a boat (“splash”). I think that’s a cool element as it left me rather confused at first.

It might be a game I’d play if I was sitting alone in my room late at night with nothing else to do. Maybe it gets better? I didn’t play for too long.

Time for some…. guess… I bet you can…


Duff 420Hed invited me to do the endless setlist today but sadly I don’t think I’d have enough time today. I really want that achievement though! Maybe tomorrow 🙂

It’s been ages since I’ve played a solid quickplay game of Rockband. I started off with Linger by the Cranberries with Nickeagle! A little “Clean”, “Sex on Fire”, a bunch of other songs and ending with “Smile if You Mean It”.

The free DLC “dreaming of love” is brutal to sing!! I still haven’t managed to get 100%. Nick scared the crap out of me because he said that he heard I was struggling with that song. WHAT!? He could hear me? Ohhh man… that sucks. I got a new wireless microphone so I didn’t know if people could hear me.

He swears that he couldn’t really “hear” me. Whew! Cause I know I sound like rubbish. I’ve only sang online a couple times and it’s terrible! 😉

We haven’t played in hmm… a year maybe!? Never on at the same time 😦 Last summer we played together almost everyday. We were Cabin #2 in the Camp Rockband Game from It was pretty cool till all the cabins bailed out and lost their bandmates. My band had Nick, Smurfy, and Lessthan. It would be sweet to do something like that again.z

Time for a bit of breaky. Ebi Sunomono mmmm… I ❤ cooking yummy food!


One response to “Saturday’s are Amazing! \m/\>.</\m/

  1. I see this website is coming along, it’s looking amazing, so I’ll continue to check up every now and then :). Whoot whoot, congrats on the Ign publishing, and hopefully I’ll play with you soon 🙂

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