Wicked Day/Brutal Night

Sunday was rather eventful for me. My day started off as any normal Sunday when I sit at home and play games while lll KiRa lll’s at work. I hate that he works on the weekend 😦 I started off with some Left 4 Dead 2. I usually roll out of bed and turn on my Xbox. While it’s loading, I wake up enough to play. After about 5 minutes I got a message from Duff420hed asking if I wanted to do the setlist cause I had blogged about it the previous day 😉 hehe…

I said sure! I didn’t have much else planned for the day. It took him about an hour to get ready and then we tried connecting for about 20 minutes. For some reason I couldn’t get past the character selection screen. WTF. Super frustrating. We both plugged our Xbox directly into the Internet. Nothing. Okay… so let’s find someone else to host.

I got in touch with Nickeagle and asked if he was keen. Totally thinking he’d be busy, because a 6 hour commitment (at the last minute) is hard to find. But… he was keen!!

So Nickeagle loaded it up and invited us all to a party and band. Mephisto9112 was going to join but I think there was some confusion with what was happening. The difficulty that we played on didn’t matter, just as long as we didn’t fail. Oh well.. maybe he couldn’t rock for that long, which is totally understandable. Perhaps I will be crazy enough to do it again before RB3 comes out.

After many hours of singing, drinking loads of water and coffee… and watching the boys rock out, I finally completed the Rockband 2 Endless Setlist 2 without pausing or failing. Whew! What a task that was!!

I think it’s the 4th time I’ve done it. The first time I played with a friend in California and we played as soon as the game was released and we made it far enough in the band to play. He failed a lot cause it was late by the time we were at the end. I think we started after I was out of class on a Friday night. So by the end, it was nearing 5am O.o

I played it through a second time to get platinum for my character. This was after I got my own Xbox and I wanted the data on mine. I kept the old character data on lll KiRa lll’s Xbox.

I played it a third cause I was using a different character more and I wanted her to be platinum too. Wow… I really have no life eh! 😉

(ps. That’s more of philosophical debate… what constitutes having a “life”).

The 84 songs take just under 6 hours to complete if no one fails. I’ve always played it with people online. I couldn’t handle sitting there by myself talking to no one for 6 hours and singing! Blah… that would be terrible.

I was on vocals, Nickeagle was on bass, and Duff420hed was on drums. Needless to say… we kicked some serious Rockband butt! We started around 11am, after some tedious network and game issues. We were finished by dinner time and I went out to visit with lll KiRa lll’s family. His mom made us BBQ salmon burgers and salad. Yum!

It was pretty sweet that we always scored in the high nineties (and often 100%… especially for Nickeagle). After 60 songs I managed to get 92% on Shacklers Revenge. Which was bloody fantastic for me! I hate that song. :S

…after dinner we came home and I played some Alan Wake. I figured it had been a while, so I would try to not kill myself on Nightmare difficulty. I was typing up a blog post on my bed while playing. lll KiRa lll was beside me playing a new arcade game on the PS3. We ordered some late-night pizza and went to pick it up.

When I got home and turned my computer on so I could finish blogging, I found out that it was dead. Completely, totally, utterly… DEAD. The screen wouldn’t even turn on.

Not only am I so good with computers that I managed to delete my operating system last week. I killed my computer completely. We are guessing that the fan over heated and melted the motherboard cause it was plugged in with the battery. Sigh…

I have been without a computer since then 😦 The longest I’ve ever gone! Even before my netbook I had

a HUGE heavy laptop that I lugged around with me.

Sad, terrible, brutal way to end a wickedly awesome day!


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