Wednesday aka Hump Day :3

Half way through the work week. This weekend will bring some use of muscles and beer drinking! Corinne is moving so I am going to attempt to lift a few boxes and do whatever I can to help. I am so not strong. But friends, beer, and pizza is a fantastic excuse to get out of the house.

I haven’t done the Grouse Grind yet because my friend Sylvia decided to have a garage sale instead. She made about $500 selling her stuff! Mental… she must have had good junk eh! Hopefully I will do that torturous hike soon.

Since I’ve been without a computer for a few days, I have spent my time playing Zelda: Spirit Tracks on my DS while travelling to/from work. I finally started getting into when I got my NEW computer.

It’s lovely.

I went to Future Shop and got an “open-box” netbook for $209. Score! … but not really. It was overheating after being plugged in for 5 minutes. Hmmm, it’s no wonder someone already returned it.

I returned it the next day and went to Best Buy for a fantastic little Mini Hp netbook. I ❤ it! It’s beautiful. I installed Mozilla and Open Office (both free software which I couldn’t do without). The employees at Best Buy don’t work on commission so they don’t push to add on products. It makes the shopping a bit better. At Future Shop you are haggled and there’s always a “sweet” deal, which is usually rubbish, but the employees need to make a sale cause they work on commission.

My new HP was a bit more expensive, but totally worth it. It’s way prettier than my old netbook and I love all the new little features it comes with (Windows 7) 😀

Thus, my blog posts should be more frequent now.

Ps. Zelda: Spirit Tracks is the perfect game to play while taking the train to work. I get to pull the horn and travel where ever I want. It’s totally chessy but I love driving the train while on the train. Plus, the story line is cute and easy to follow. I would highly recommend it to anyone who has a DS and who has played previous Zelda games. It’s totally worth playing.

So happy to be back … and thank you to everyone who continued to check out my blog even while I was away ❤ 🙂


One response to “Wednesday aka Hump Day :3

  1. Dude you didn’t tell me you had a new netbook! But then we didn’t get to say more than hi today so you’re forgiven. Ugh, The Mister’s been nagging me about the Grind so we really have to do it soon. He keeps saying we have to do it at least once this summer.

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