Have You Mastered This Game?

While I was on my way home from work last night, I got a text from Gil. He wanted to grab coffee before his soccer game. We met at the bucks near my place and he stayed 15 minutes too late!! O.o uh oh… I suppose our conversations about him dropping some girl onto the sidewalk (and she chipped one of her teeth) was a bit too intense to leave 😉

We also spoke about how he has become more socially skilled in the past few months. Let’s be honest here… most gamers (and people who spend a huge chuck of their lives committed to one person) is socially inept IRL (In Real Life). Obviously I’m excluded from this because I’m more socially inept in the virtual world 😉

Gil read the famous man-ish bible about girls: The Game. If you haven’t read it, go to your nearest Chapters (or local bookstore) and get your hands on it! Boys and girls should read this. It’s the honest insight to a nerdy boy who turned into a … well… player. There are all sorts of tips and suggestions to improve your skills. Socializing is a skill, not a talent. Thus, it can be studied 😉 and improved!

A lot of what is written in The Game is hogwash and you wouldn’t want to implement it into your life. Take your pick and try out different strategies that would work with your personality. I saw a very sweet puppy-eyed boy show me his “pick-up” for girls at clubs. WOW. He looked so innocent and fun. This same boy would sit home alone not knowing what to do with himself for a very long time (before and after his break-up). We were friends cause we have games, comic books, and concerts in common…among other things! I’m not trying to pressure anyone to do anything, but it’s totally worth the read 😉 I saw first hand what it did to one of my best friends!

After talking about socializing, I decided I would do something about my virtual friends.

I decided that it was time to clear out “friends” on xbox live that aren’t friends at all.

… or perhaps I could maybe… imagine this… the unthinkable… I could be friends with them!

Basically, my friends list is maxed and I hate deleting people so I wanted to get to know my friends. I ❤ people that added me because I have 420+ DLC for Rockband 2, or because I play L4D2 (and hopefully don’t suck too much).

I decided to send out a mass message to everyone and awaited their responses. This was my message:

My Xbox live friends list is full… and I know that out of the 100 people here, I am really friends with about 10 people. So… if you actually want to be my friend and stay on my list then I have 10 questions for you.


  1. How old are you and where are you from?
  2. What is your favourite bands (atm and all-time)?
  3. What is the best book you’ve read? -it can be a graphic novel 😉
  4. What is your favourite movie?
  5. What game do you play most often?
  6. Are you getting Rockband 3?
  7. What do you do besides play video games? Hobbies, occupation, etc…
  8. What is your favourite colour?
  9. What do you know about me?
  10. Is there anything you’d like to know about me?

I got a bunch of responses back right away and that totally made my day! Thanks!! 🙂 I would like to think that I know at least a few things about each person on my friends list. I know that it’s often hard to match up with people online that you have have stuff in common with (and their fun to play with).

My messages stopped sending because they were “maxed out for the day”. FAIL. So the first 5 questions went out and then I posted the rest in my bio for the night. I was still playing Left 4 Dead 2 after sending out the messages and random people were asking what it all meant so I decided to upload the questions and whole mental process onto my blog.

I hope you enjoyed the questions and I would love to know random tidbits of information about your lives! If you are my friends… show it! …and if you’re not my friend yet, but want to be… then I can’t wait to meet you 🙂

Have a lovely day!


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