More Concert Tickets!

Today should be a rather eventful day. I am going to work and then meeting up with an old friend from college that I haven’t seen in ages. Except for a quick “hello” on the skytrain! We are going to my lovely little record store downtown to pick up concert tickets. I am going to see Bullet for my Valentine! 🙂 Apparently I am getting a ticket for Gil too. I am waiting to see if Raina and her boy are getting tickets. I want to steal her away to dance with!

I got a message from a friend on twitter who said that he’s seen them three times and each time they got progressively worse. Hmmm… I will make my own assessment and let him know if I agree.

The venue they selected for the concert is one of my favourites. It’s called the Commodore. It’s a night club. It has 2 bars and a HUGE dance floor. I saw Infected Mushroom there and it was a truly amazing experience. Squished moshing and jumping at the front. Dancing and jumping a tad further back. Dancing and squishing at the bar. Ohhh…pure fun!

Since I love to dance and I hate having sore feet I never wear my fetish boots to concerts. It’s not a show for my outfit, rather a musical show and a place to dance without tripping over my own feet 😉 I wear Converse high tops. They are comfy, flat, and look wicked with anything! I can bop around the whole club and still feel my toes by the end of the night.

Plus…I am going to an opera in August so I was wondering if that should count for my 101 things goal # 64.

What do you think? Does it count?


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