…and so the story continues! {Alan Wake}

For the past couple days I have been glued to Alan Wake. I love the new DLC: The Signal. There isn’t any real purpose for the mission other than moving through a bunch of Taken and trying to find 10 Alarm Clocks and 6 Character Cutouts…but damn it was fun!

I decided to play through on Nightmare Difficulty because that’s what I was attempting to do with the whole game. It takes a bit longer (cause I die more :P) but it’s more of a challenge.

I am one of those gamers that yells at my television :$ But I love it. I love when a game can frustrate me beyond frustration yet keep me playing it! When I get to the point that I just give up …fail. Not Alan Wake though. It can be fist clenching, teeth grinding, eye squinting, frustrating… yet I continue!

I would rate this new DLC: The Signal

9/10 for it’s game play

7/10 for it’s story line (plot)

Should you get it?  Of course!! If you like RPG’s with action and if you played Silent Hill or Resident Evil and like it… you will LOVE this game! If you are going to buy it, make sure to pick it up new (if you want the free DLC: The Signal) or used (cheap enough that you will buy the DLC). I would recommend buying it as there is still more DLC to come! More gameplay is a sign to buy and keep the game!

The following write up is my walkthrough/experience of the game. If you don’t want to spoil the game for yourself… play first – read later 😉


New Achievements:

-“A Friend in Need”: find someone to help you 25G

-“A Friend Indeed”: follow the signal to it’s conclusion 50G

“Fast and Furious”: make it through the final battle in less than 1 minute and 30 seconds 25G

“Words Will Never Harm You”: trigger all of the furnaces in the basement 25G

“Run-on Sentence”: complete the episode without reloading the game or restarting a checkpoint 50G

“License Revoked”: complete the episode without using a single vehicle 20G

“Tick Tock”: discover 10 hidden alarm clocks 30G

“Cardboard Companions”: discover all of the cardboard standees 25G

The Signal:

Alan has to find a way to open the door to the Bright’s Diner so he could let the light out and free himself from the darkness.

The scenery is grainy and it appears that Alan is walking through a dream or a memory.

You will start in the diner. The voices of the characters keep cutting out with a tinge of editing from a computer. When you walk around the diner, it is the same as it was in the beginning of Alan Wake. The waitress is hitting on Alan and everything is set up the same. The old dudes near the jukebox are see-through. When you play play the song for them it’s twisted and sounds like something from an old horror movie. The lady warns you not to go down the hall. She tells you to stay in the light.

Of course you don’t have an option so you walk into the back of the diner and goes to the restroom. The mirror starts flickering then talks to Alan. Telling him to find a better point of contact. Telling him that he makes it all happen. I half expected the mirror to open a portal to another world as in Silent Hill. A parallel world where Alan could finally find out how all the events fit together.

A light beams out of the mirror and Alan was given a flashlight and a gun. 5 batteries and 24 bullets. Walk out of the restroom and head back into the diner. There will be a flash of darkness and Alan freezes for a moment. Once you arrive in the diner, you will find all the people gone and it is a disaster. There are televisions sets scattered around and talking to you. Go to the only exit available: the front door.

The door is locked.

All of a sudden, the “staff only” door to the kitchen breaks open and out come 4 Taken. One rather large guy and a few smaller ones. Use LT to burn away the darkness and RT to kill them!

After that’s taken care of, go into the kitchen. Collect the Alarm Clock 1/10. It is sitting on the counter.

…. leave the building. You are in a forest and must go towards the light. There are a LOT of Taken here. Be prepared to fight them (with whatever you have left from the diner) or run to the light!!

You will enter an old house. You can only go in one direction. Listen to the voice talking to you. Burn away all the words that you see. This will open doorways and give you supplies.

Random words start to float around you. “Roloading”, “tent”, “bed”, “radio”, and “phone”. Of course it’s a verizon phone. Not just a made-up brand. WOW. That’s so stupid.

Alan answer the ringing phone and the voice tells you to follow the signal. The GPS system will try to lead you there but there is interference.

Outside of the Tool Store, go to the right and to the side of the building. You will find a Cardboard Cutout 1/6


The all-father! The trickiest geriatric with the wittiest gimmick! The deranged patriarch with the trademark tangent! Crazy…like a fox. Dig?

The enduringly popular star of the hit reality series, “Barry Wheeler Presents: “New Tricks for Old Gods,”Blasts out his latest masterpiece, guaranteed to please gourmands everywhere — “Moonshine: It’s What’s for Dinner” is available in all fine bookstores! Also available as a modestly priced limited edition with annotations and commentary by Barry Wheeler. Phlegm fans, take note: coming soon as an audio book!

Carry on forward. There’s not much else to find in the garden. You will see a fence with a bunch of boxes and such. Hop on the boxes so you can climb over the fence. Follow the words. Walk to the left and make sure you get the flash sticks and other supplies. Burn all the words with the flashlight. Go down the road and you will find another Cardboard Cutout 2/6


Bright Falls’ Finest! The red-hot cop chick with the lightning-fast boomstick!

Her debut book, “The Only Girl in the Bookhouse,” delves deep into the double life of having a successful law enforcement career while being involved in a secret society. How does daddy’s little trooper fit into an old-fashioned fraternity?

Go back to the fence and cross the broken road to the other side. Go into the park. Beware you will be attacked by a bunch of Taken when you get over there. Fight them and go towards the light.

You will come to another isolated road. Cross it and go towards the flickering light. Hop onto the wood planks and garbage bin and go over the fence.

Once you are at the street covered in carnival stuff. Go to the church entrance. You will need the key to open the door. The truck with the giant reindeer will break apart and start flying at you. Use your flashlight to burn away the darkness that’s controlling it. After killing the reindeer pieces and truck pieces you will find the word “key”. The cop (Sarah) will appear in a very grainy dream-like state, and she will open the church doors for you.

Go inside and to the left you will find another Character Cutout 3/6


The literary agent with the constant ailment! The frantic sidekick with the hectic rhetoric!

The owner of the most fashionable jacket ever made and the author of the indispensable guide to would-be agents everywhere, “Blood From a Rock: When The Goose Starts Goldbricking,” presents a new collection of short fiction by Alan Wake! Included are classics like “Errand Boy,” as well as numerous mortifyingly clumsy early works buried deep in the disappeared writer’s files. Never intended for publication? That’s not the Wheeler way! Get yours now!

Walk through the church. On the right you will find the word “tools”. Burn it away to release some necessary supplies. Go through the door on the right of the stage. Watch the television for a moment then kick open the wooden door.

Alan keeps getting these dark, yet light filled waves that make him shutter. Another one appears here. Go through the door.

This brings you to the basement. There has to be about 100 furnaces here. No wonder it’s an achievement if you turn them all off. Wow. But they do omit a second of flame which kills the Taken so that’s good 🙂

ACHIEVEMENT: “Words Will Never Harm You” for 25G

All the way at the back on the left there in an Alarm Clock 2/10 an armchair.

In the middle of the room, at the far back, you will find a set of stairs. There is the word “climb” there. Burn it away so you can climb up a ladder and get out of there!

As soon as you reach the top and go outside, you are suppose to find the manuscript page. It is conveniently laying in the middle of the road in front of you. Ooohhh that was hard!

Once you read the manuscript, it will blow up and there will be a bunch of words scattered around you “best-seller”, “scream”, “friend”, and “wall”. By burning the word “friend” you release Barry.

ACHIEVEMENT: “Friend in Need” for 25G

Barry tells you to follow the signal. He is now in your head to help you through the episode.

Walk up the stairs and through the door. You will see the word “flashlight”. Kick down the platform then burn away the word to get the lantern. It’s way better than the heavy duty flashlight.

Alan needs to get to the sawmill. He has to cross some steep looking rocks through the darkness to get to it. Use the words “boom” to blow up the Taken. Just burn them at the right time and you won’t have to use your ammo.

When you go around the corner which has a television sitting on a pink loveseat, you will have to fight a bunch of Taken. Let me correct myself. A WHOLE bunch of Taken. There are a lot of words to use “boom”, and “fireworks” which are floating all over the place.

You will have to use the turret to burn the 3 floating words “bridge”. Once that happens you will see 3 new platforms so you can progress towards the sawmill. When you go through the train cart, jump down through the opening and go to the right. You will find another Character Cutout 4/6


The lady of the light! The cloud of gloom in the Well-Lit Room!

Weaver’s difficult and uncompromising life is illuminated in “Cynthia Weaver: Carrying the Torch,” an enlightening and occasionally harrowing biography by Ellen Adams, who was an intern at the Bright Falls Record under Weaver’s editorship.

If you follow the path to the right, you will come across a field covered in “bad words”. Avoid these words. Run along the edge or keep your flashlight down. Evil flying Alan Wake books will try to attack you while you make it across the field. There isn’t much to get by going through and facing the Taken, so just run!

Kick open the door at the end of the path and you will find a bunch of street lights. Barry is there to greet you. The lights will flicker on and off. This should help to kill the Taken while you move through this area.

When you make it through, you will notice an Alarm Clock 3/10 in the middle of the path. Be sure to pick this up. I dropped a flare just before bending to pick up the clock. Remember to keep moving! It’s a brutal run to the next checkpoint. The lights can be helpful to kill the Taken but there are so many of them.

After the checkpoint go to the right and you will see a Character Cutout 5/6


The god of thunder! The boozing geezer with the anger and the hammer! Come one, come all, face the age of murder and storm!

Discovered by Barry Wheeler, this fresh new voice from a bygone era suggests new and innovative solutions to old problems. Don’t you are leave your bookstore without the best-selling self-help book, “You’re All Nails to Me”! Foreword by Barry Wheeler.

Climb over the broken machinery and burn away the words “wheels” – to release a car, and “red box” -for some batteries and revolver ammo.

Uh wow. 2 Huge cars start trying to run you over. Run straight ahead and hide in a corner. You can burn the darkness away from the cars but it takes a while. You will have to kill some Taken at the same time.

There is an Alarm Clock 4/10 at the back of the yard on the right. Go to the left and burn away the pump for a wicked little automatic shotgun, and use the light to open the garage door. Your exit away from possessed objects flying at you.

This is your opportunity for another ACHIEVEMENT. If you don’t climb into any of the many cars/trucks for you then you will get:

“Licence Revoked” for 20G.

Run back to where you started the last checkpoint, and kill all the Taken that await you in the door way. Head upstairs and outside. To the left you will find a hunting rifle, flare, and some supplies in a red box (burn away the words).

When you burn away the memory, you will hear Alan’s wife talking about her side of the bed. Kinky!? Nah… not really.

There is no way across the top of the deck. When you go under the deck, you will notice a flickering television and a whole wack of Taken ready to attack you. Kill them and carry on.

Climb up the ladder and stock up on supplies. You will get a new heavy duty lantern. I don’t recall having this in the original Alan Wake. Hmmm… something really dangerous must be lurking around the next corner.

Go to the end of the deck/dock area on the left, and you will find an Alarm Clock 5/10. Go back to where the flashlight was and head into the maze of wood planks. You will be approached by 1 regular Taken and another brutal one. He has an insane chainsaw and a lot of darkness around him. Burn away the darkness and keep back. Shoot him after the darkness is gone.

There is a light post to checkpoint and a red box to get supplies. If you want to find another Alarm Clock 6/10, go to the far left along the fence before breaking the door down at the light post.

Go back and kick open the door. You will be attacked by 3 regular Taken. Carry on down the path in the wearhouse and you will be attacked by 4 rather swift Taken. Kill them as usual 😉

You will come across Barry, who is complaining about his allergies! Wow… of all things at a time like this eh. There are a couple “flares” to burn away and collect. Go on upstairs and burn away the word “red box” for some more supplies.

I believe that 5 Taken will attack you as you walk into the next room. Go back outside and hop down.

There will be a memory about Alan hitting on his wife while company awaited them downstairs. Awe…love :3

There are 2 words “bridge” to burn. Go around the right side of the building and you will find a Character Cutout 6/6


The nyctophobic beauty with the muse-ariffic booty! The soothing oasis in a seething crisis!

The renowned and award-winning photographer’s new coffee table book features intensely personal and intimate images from a life haunted by a husband who was never there. “Writer’s Muse” — pre-orders accepted now.

ACHIEVEMENT: “Cardboard Companions” 25G

Push over the piece of wood from one of the words “bridge”. Go use the green flashing light to make a crane move over to you. Run quickly up the ramp and over onto the moving flat. When you get across, there will be 3 Taken waiting for you.

Climb up onto the roof and then hop down into the building from the hole with a flashing light.

You will come upon a memory of Alan and Alice doing a photo shoot. Go through the door behind the backdrop and you will end up in their apartment. Collect the supplies scattered on dresser tops. Go into the office room and there will be an Alarm Clock 7/10 there.

The kitchen is blocked. Go into the living room and you will find Zane floating there. Zane tells Alan that he is trapped in his own nightmare and fighting himself. There was no more darkness.

Zane disappeared.

Alan is left to destroy the television sets that start floating in the room. They are possessed so a flashlight is sufficient.

ACHIEVEMENT: “A Friend Indeed” 50G

Epic Final Battle … enjoy!

Apparently I am missing 3 Alarm Clocks. I will continue playing it and hopefully find them! 🙂

Thanks for reading ❤

Midnite Faery


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