Where Will My Life Go!? …

This evening I saw the game “Wet” for the Xbox 360 at Rogers Video for $14.99. I wanted to check out reviews for it. I’ve been watching that game for a few months now because it hasn’t dropped from it’s original price of $65. Gamespot gave it a 7.5. It looks like a first person shooter with a sexy girl who does some fancy moves. Hmmm… or I could just play some more Alan Wake?!

Well… when I was looking up the reviews, I was pleasantly surprised to see that Dragon Age 2 will be coming out next year!! I suppose you could say I stoked to see this. I love Dragons Age! I played for 80+ hours. It has got to be the best RPG I’ve ever played. It’s truly amazing. The characters, the world, the missions, the side-quests, and …well… just everything about it is fantastic! I can’t wait for another Dragon Age. The guesstimated release date is February 1, 2011 😀

This is the following information that I could find on the game from GameSpot:

Dragon Age II

BioWare is readying the second full-fledged installment in its acclaimed fantasy role-playing series to ship early next year.

More gruesome combat, stylized visuals, and a talkative protagonist

Concept art–not an actual screenshot.

One of the biggest changes is the method of storytelling. Dragon Age II will take on the style of a “framed narrative,” or a story within a story. The basic idea is this: You play as Hawke, a warrior whose feats have made him or her a legend of his or her time. The vast majority of the game focuses on you, but every so often, you’ll see scenes in which a seeker of knowledge listens to a story from a teller of tales, who, like most folks fixated on heroic legends, has a tendency to exaggerate your exploits a bit.

That theme of mild exaggeration ties in with Dragon Age II’s visual style, which is a bit more stylized than its predecessor. It’s a subtle change on the surface: Character models are a tad more angular, with some slightly caricaturized. And the landscape–or at least the single one we saw–wore the effects of the blight in a more grim, pronounced way. In combat, it’s not uncommon to see a Darkspawn explode with blood and stray body parts when you finish him off. But most remarkable of all, the Xbox 360 version that we saw running actually looked quite good. If you played Origins on the console, you’ll know what a feat that was.

A human male warrior version of Hawke (you can create any type of character you want, but the name is always Hawke) and a female mage named Bethany stand on a plateau amidst a rolling, barren wasteland capped by a ominous red sky. They’re besieged by several waves of Darkspawn Hurlocks, and eventually, as things tend to go in the Dragon Age world, a giant Ogre.

Concept art–not an actual screenshot.

Console controls work the same as in Origins: You pull one trigger to open a radial wheel of talents, spells, items, and whatnot. This screen freezes time and lets you fine-tune your aim on a particular enemy. Overall, the sense of movement is less clunky, the animation more fluid, and the blood more plentiful.

Switching over to the mage resulted in a more tactical style of combat along the lines of the first game. According to Laidlaw, they’ve worked to make sure the mage has more “wow” moments in combat like the weapon-based classes. To demonstrate, he showed a mage finishing off an ogre by lifting him up into the air, surrounding him with a dark energy, and then exploding him into nothingness.

Your character now speaks those words you choose for him or her. As a reason for making this change, Laidlaw cited the first game’s hero as being caught in an epic battle for the survival of mankind and being able to show no more emotion than raising an eyebrow. You’re still given the same diverse list of dialogue options, ranging from perfect gentleman to salty jerk, with a smattering of options in between. It feels a little more like Mass Effect in this way, but we weren’t given any options to poke and prod someone’s innermost psyche like Commander Shepard. Our conversational options were a little more action oriented than that, like choosing whether to take on a small group of Darkspawn ourselves or letting our mage friend handle it for us.

Concept art–not an actual screenshot.

All told, this small glimpse at Dragon Age II revealed a game that looks a little bit more stylized, moves a bit more quickly, and showed a more unique identity than its predecessor.

Sounds pretty much amazing to me. I loved the first one and can’t wait to get a hold of the second one. Dragon Age = EPICNESS 😀


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