Happy BC Day! :)

August 2, is a stat holiday for vancouvrites. It’s B.C. Day!! 😀

I spent the day organizing messages/emails so I can finally start replying to them. After that, I cleared out my friends list on xbox. So… if you got deleted but still want to be friends all you have to do is answer my questions! They’re not that hard, plus I’ve answered them on a previous blog post: “You asked for it :3”

I made a new friend today on L4D2. His name is Mr. Kukla. I met him in a game with Poison Lenny. I ❤ scavenge. Mr. Kukla answered all my questions and I can’t wait for another zombie killing session! Too bad that the second game he joined of mine he was on the other team (losing ) 😦

Happy Birthday Duff420hed!

I want to send out a very HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my friend Duff420hed!! I hope he had a fantastic day full of balloons, gifts, smiles, and cake. mmm… cake.

Happy Birthday to you!

Happy Birthday to you!

Happy Birthday to Duff420hed…

Happy Birthday to you!

I posted my Alan Wake: The Signal walkthrough on IGN and in a day or so it will be accessible there!

lll KiRa lll had a lot of fun playing Battlefield last night on the PS3. He got 40 kills in one round of capture the flag. I’m so proud of him!! ❤

Hope everyone has a lovely evening!


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