<3 I Have The Best Penpal Ever! <3

Today after work, I finally got my package from Scotland. It was sitting at moms for about 2 weeks!

I can’t believe how much Kari Rose put into the whole package. It was wrapped in pink and inside was a lovely fairy card and a matching fairy ordainment. It’s beautiful 😀

I had to carefully decide where to put my new fairy. She has a new home on my fireplace mantle. She is surrounded by my collection of ordainment’s from around the world, so hopefully she’s comfy 😉

I absolutely love the gift!! thank you so much Kari ❤

lll KiRa lll laughed at me and told me that I have to put lots of thought into my return package because hers was amazing! He’s right! … plus this gives me an excuse to go shopping!

I LOVE having a penpal! <333

The Midnite Fairie 😉


4 responses to “<3 I Have The Best Penpal Ever! <3

  1. ❤ I'm glad you liked it. I'm just happy it survived it's journey around the world in one piece, aha :')

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  3. Good gift! Appropriate too 🙂 How’d you two start writing/sending gifts? I want in on this action!

  4. We were both friends with a guy online who introduced us to each other. It turns out we’ve got a lot in common, in fact I think Midnites my Canadian other half.

    I’ve always wanted a penpal, something I thought was ‘cool’. I mentioned I wanted one on my Twitter account and she quickly responded (which I secretly hoped for anyway) and that’s how it begun :’)

    Letters are much more personal than sending emails or having MSN discussions about your life. It’s going to be fun!

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