Goal #100 Completed {Inspire Someone}

Coffee & Christmas in August 😉

I’m just on the train-bus home from a coffee/shopping date with Shannon. We have been trying to get together forever!! I work close to where she lives but we have conflicting schedules.

We have a texting relationship. Cute morning messages and plans to get together. FTW we had a fantastic day.

On xbox we play different games and at different times. She’s a fan of Halo. (*cough* that sucks! :P) hehe… but regardless, I love her. She’s starting to expand her gaming. I saw that she’s playing Rockband Beatles. She told me that she finished the main game and challenges on guitar. She’s still playing on easy/medium. If anyone wants to play with us to get an a few achievement’s that would be sweet! She needs the 1,000,000 score and finishing the story within 24 hours. I think I might need that one too?

We got full fat crazy drinks at the bucks. I ordered a: tall, soy, peppermint, java chip frap with double chocolate chips and double blended with no whip. Clearly I’m craving chocolate… and I love it! Shannon had a all caramel frap with full fat whip. Silly girl forgot to order half fat whip. I didn’t even know they did that!? How do you create milky creamy whipping cream with half the fat? Oh well… I’ve never been a fan of whip cream so I don’t mind either way 😉 It took me about an hour or more to get through my tall frap. I have no idea how people can drink a venti! It’s like eating 2 meals. I am totally full off my tall frap (12 oz). I am pretty sure that a venti is 24 oz. Crazy!

Shannon doesn’t like the skytrain and I’m not a fan of regular city buses, so we wandered around Granville street. It is the perfect street in Vancouver. Everything is there. There is a wonderful little comic book store, a new faery/magick store, and of course all sorts of adult stores 😉 We also went to the Rock Shop to see if there was anything cool there. I managed to pick up a couple small things for Kari (cause I am working on my return package). I have to find the right things to send. It’s difficult, but I hope to get it right. I’ve never had a real penpal.

… since I haven’t seen Shannon in forever, she actually had a lovely little bag for me that contained my Christmas present! 😀 Yes, a Christmas present. I love her (in case you missed that from the beginning of this post). I felt so cheesy carrying it around downtown, in and out of all the stores cause it says “Season’s Greeting’s” on the bag with lights, holly, and snowflakes. The tissue paper sticking out of the top is red and green too. I suppose I could have put it into my bag, but I loved that I had a Christmas present in August! The card even said 2009. Shannon wins. ❤

The gift is this HUGE-ly thoughtful gift. It’s a little poem with all sorts of things attached, that lasts for the whole year. So it’s okay that I didn’t get it till now cause it’s still current 😉

It reads:

A toothpick: to pick out the good in all situations

A band-aid: to help mend the rough times

An eraser: to remind you that everybody makes mistakes

A treat: to savor a little time for yourself

Happiness is not a destination. It is a method of life.

Apparently all I need to know, I learned from the Easter bunny!

-don’t put all of your eggs in one basket.

-walk softly and carry a big carrot.

-everyone needs a friend who is all ears.

-there’s no such thing as too much candy.

-everyone is entitled to a bad hare day.

-let happy thoughts multiply like rabbits.

-keep your paws off other people’s jellybeans.

-all work and no play can make you a basket case.

-good things come in small sugar-coated packages.

I found out that I’ve managed to complete another one of my 101 Things in 1001 Days. Shannon is inspired to do her own list. She wants to do a couple of the same things as I’ve chosen to do. It would be fantastic if we could work though some of them together. For example, getting a professional hair cut/style. I am still growing out all the black hair dye I had in my hair. It’s pretty much gone now and my hair is finally just past my shoulders. I have naturally dark brown hair, and it’s curly. I love it, but I went though a black phase (which lasted about 10 years), and it’s time for something different. I want to go into a salon and ask them to do something fun and modern with my hair. A little preppy and gothic would be nice. I’d have to find the right salon first. Shannon wants to keep the length of her hair but also get something more professional. She’s had the same hair cut forever! I think it would be a lot of fun to have a girl friend to go through the list with.

Shannon was thinking that one of her things might be to go to 20 different resturants. What a fantastic choice! I wish I thought of that. I could have suckered lll KiRa lll to taking me out all the time. Oh … but wait… we always eat out 😉 I’ve tried eating at home, but I hate doing dishes. I’d rather pay someone else to do all the dirty work. We were talking about hiring a Molly Maid (they come over as often as you want to clean your house). Sweet deal.

While shopping, we went into a few clothing stores. Punky ones of course. Shannon is more of a sexy 50’s girl, whereas I’m more of a sexy goth girl. She loves the polka dots and longer dresses. I love frills, lace, and short skirts. We are the same size so we could easily mix-and-match our outfits. P.s. She had the most amazing Wonder Girl outfit for Halloween last year. This year she is thinking about being Princess Leia. I haven’t given any thought to my outfit. Ahhh… I suppose I should start planning it. I love parties and going out with friends.

Halloween is my favourite time of year! Hmm… what to be?! Any suggestions!? I totally expect some comments. Come on… I know you’re reading! 😉

The only thing missing from our adventure today was a psychic reading. Shannon was really keen on finding a $5 reading. That would have been cool. Maybe next time :3


One response to “Goal #100 Completed {Inspire Someone}

  1. Hahaha I’m totally giggling… great post! Here’s my 2 cents: (Or should I say dime?? Lol)

    1. I cannot fathom your Halo comment. Tsk. You need to be skooled. Yeah… I wrote that with a K even 😛

    2. I forgot to order my frap without whip cream 😦 I’ve never been much of a fan either. Sigh. I still drank/ate it happily though! Your poor Starbucks gal had to inhale a full breath to be able to call out your order. Too funny. When the Starbucks people are ‘sighing’ cause your drink is ‘too long’… then you know you have a problem. Time to come to terms with that one, friend 😉

    3. You should totally Star Wars it out with us!! You and lll KiRa lll could be Anakin and Padme!!

    p.s. “same size” my butt!!
    p.p.s. Achievements baby!!

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