Goal#94 In Progress {25 new friends}

94. Make 25 New “Friends”

I would have to define what I consider a “friend”. A friend is someone that I actually feel like I “know”. I would have to know at least ten things about them, and have regular conversations with them for a period of time. It would be nice if I would look forward to our coversations and video game sessions.

About a month ago I became friends with KarmaCrazy and KarmaVixen. That’s 2.

I am also friends with Kari Rose. That’s 3.

I’ve be-friended a co-worker, Sylvia. That’s 4.

I’m starting to become friends with Mephisto9112, Duff420hed, Enemy Fire, HippieBubbles, and Captin Atlas.

That brings my total to 9.

I think I may have been crazy to say I would make 25 new friends. This means that I can’t invest time into building stronger relationships with my current friends, but I actually have to make new ones! So if you are my friend already and I haven’t posted about you here… that’s why 😛

I sent out a mass message recently to all my Xbox live friends. I wanted to make sure that I knew at least a little bit about the people who were my “friends” on live.

I would like to have 25 new friends, and I suppose I have roughly 3 years to complete this so I don’t need to be in any sort of a rush. 4 friends is a pretty good start.

I’ve started to build those friendships with people on live… now all I have to do is wait for them to blossom. Do I have anymore takers!?


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