First Video Blog

I originally posted a 35 second video clip of me blabbering about nothing. I know that it’s a very short clip and the sound wasn’t perfect but I figured I had to start somewhere.

After watching it a couple times I decided to take it down. I don’t want to do the video blog thing. It’s too weird for me. I like typing. I don’t like the way I look on screen as it is… and then there’s my voice. Ewww. So I will stick to my normal means of blogging.

Unless I buy a fancy mask and some sort of audio distortion program, I think I will keep myself off youtube.  Props to anyone who can handle the camera recording them and then posting it online. It’s just not for me.

Today I’ve been playing Left 4 Dead 2 all morning and kicking some serious butt with GlydeFox. Poison Lenny joined but was on the other team 😦 I will just have to kill him! hehe…

I played with a couple dudes from Poland, and they were a lot of fun! The connection was actually pretty good. I love clearing the board on scavenge! It’s really good when everyone gets 16 and you have to wait to see who got it the fastest!

I decided to go back to Rockband. I haven’t really played it since I did the endless setlist for the 4th time! I joined a full band with all Iron Maiden DLC so I was attempting to sing my wee little heart out! It was fun, brutal, but fun 🙂

I finished watching “The Last Starfighter”. It’s a totally cheesy old school movie. I think it’s about 25 years old. lll KiRa lll said it was the first movie to use computer generated graphics within the actual movie. The computers that they used for editing were “NASA” huge!

Other movies (like Star Wars) used models and computer generated graphics to show video games in movies but not as a part of the movie. Obviously The Last Starfighter didn’t have as big of a budget as Star Wars, but they did a fantastic job for the time.

I would highly recommend watching this movie! Hmm… what to watch next?


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