I Miss Him So Much. RIP Derek <3

As many of my friends and family know, I lost my brother on Monday August 9, 2010. Derek was out on a canoe trip with my other brother (David) and his wife. Their canoe flipped due to some really big waves.

David helped his wife to shore because she was struggling to breathe; she has asthema. David went back to help Derek and he was already unconscosious. By the time they were on shore, David gave CPR but it was too late. All 3 of them were wearing life jackets.

David and his wife went to the top of the island and lit a fire. My sister (who lives near the lake) called Search & Rescue because she was expecting them back and they hadn’t returned.

It took Search & Rescue a few hours to find them as their boat flipped in between  small isolated islands. There is a fireban in B.C. right now, so David lit a fire to attract attention.

My brother was 32 years old when he died. Rest In Peace Derek. I love you ❤

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One response to “I Miss Him So Much. RIP Derek <3

  1. Hugs. It broke my heart to read this. I can’t remember Derek being a strong swimmer. In fact, I can’t remember him swimming much at all. Just being out on boats, and near water, and loving it. I can’t imagine what David and his wife went through that night, but I’m glad he passed with them, in the outdoors, which he loved, and not alone with no one to find him. Please give them my love and hugs. Again, I hate that I am way out here in Alberta, and not there where I can say these things to you in person. If you ever need, please just call, or even text if you have a cell.
    Hugs and love. xoxoxo

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