I was on msn this morning, chatting with Nickeagle and he told me about a Harry Potter exhibit he just went to in Ontario. That’s right. a HARRY POTTER exhibit. Oh my… I am super excited! It’s nice to smile 🙂

I looked it up,  sadly it’s not coming to Vancouver, but it will be hosted in Seattle! I will have to talk to lll KiRa lll about going there. Perhaps for my birthday!! (It’s in November btw).

Nickeagle got a gryffindor tie! I want one <3. I want a robe too!! I really can’t wait to go to this. I must go. I love Harry Potter. I have read all the books (many times) and seen the movies. Plus I love the games too! Basically I love anything Harry Potter. Yes… I am a total nerd. Thank you very much!

Harry Potter fans unite and you may have an exhibit near you 🙂 You could just travel to Ontario before September 6, 2010 OR to Seattle before January 30, 2011. Sweeeet.

You will be able to see Harry’s wand and glasses -O.O-, the school uniforms… as well as costumes for special events that occurred. WOW… you can even pull your very own mandrake. Sounds like Harry Potter heaven… blimey that’s fantastic! 😉

The most it will cost is $23 each for admission into the exhibit, IMAX, and pacific center. Of course there’s driving to Seattle, food, and hotel since going for one day fails. We must find a few things to do. There’s always Kurt Cobain’s house and the Sci-fi museum (again)… Woo!

The exhibit runs from October 23, 2010- January 30, 2011.


3 responses to “Time for Smiles… HARRY POTTER EXHIBIT :D

  1. Glad your as excited as I was :). Whoot

  2. Dude! This totally made my day 🙂 I can’t wait till it comes to Seattle. Did you get to pull a mandrake!?

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