Truth & Friendship

After my brother’s death, earlier this week, I have received a huge amount of love from friends that I’ve lost touch with over the years. After highschool I moved out of town for university. I was living on campus for a few years, did some traveling, and just recently got settled (but I’m moving again at the end of this month!). Throughout all that, my friends were contained within a handy little website and I could check up on their status’s, photos, and leave 20 word phrases on their wall.

Let’s be honest for a moment, I am a total nerd. I know this, and I’m okay with it. I love sitting in my room playing video games. I love walking outside at 9pm, after not seeing the day. I do however wonder sometimes if I had kept in touch with people a these years then we wouldn’t just be coming together to mourn my brother’s death.

I’ve also had an old friend pass away a few months ago, and I was re-united with everyone I partied with under a bridge and at Murkwood. In those day’s I was known as Mrs. Sparkle and my bff was Mrs. Southren Comfort. Our boys were Mr. Sprakle and Shaggy. The last time I had seen my friend who passed, JessicA, it was New Years Eve, 2009. I still can’t believe she is gone, and my heart pours out to Tish and their family.

There’s a party next Saturday that is at Tish’s place.  It’s an Old English and Growers gathering. Apparently if you show up with something else… you are going to be shunned! 😛 I will be sure to bring a 2L Growers and hide something that tastes a bit better in my coffee cup! There’s no way I can willingly drink that stuff!

I think it’s necessary for me to get out of my little bedroom and spend time with my friends! … but not to worry, I will be online all the time anyways cause I’m totally addicted to gaming 😉



Today so far, I’ve played some Rockband 2. I love that game. I love singing and having a full band with DLC. I got so frustrated with the quickplay that I almost gave up. Thankfully I didn’t because the last band I found actually had loads of songs! I’ve made 2 new friends too.

I am in dire need to get a hold of Rockband3 though. I was almost resorting to purchasing more Lips songs because I need something new! I didn’t buy Lips, rather I got Halo Wars, Wet, and BioShock2. But sadly those games are just not filling my aching need for Rockband3.

The countdown is on.

The day will come soon.

♫♫♫ I Will Rock ♫♫♫

…sigh… and off to kill some zombies on Left 4 Dead 2.


4 responses to “Truth & Friendship

  1. it is sad how we all get back together these ways. who knows, if i have a vehicle by then, maybe i’ll show up at random at tish’s place. if you are ever in the shuswap, look me up 🙂

  2. Hugs babe. No matter what, I’ve always been here and so have you and that’s what really matters! xo

  3. Makes us realize how short life really is, and that tommorrow is not promised to any of us. Here’s to living life to the fullest and never taking for granted our loved ones.

  4. Hey Midnite.. i met you on xbox live and just wanted to say I’m very sorry about the family members you’ve lost. I also lost my father when i was fairly young (15) and earlier this year lost a very close friend of mine. I’m still not sure whether time heals all wounds, but i guess we will find out together. My heart goes out to you & your family, & i hope you stay strong. I’ll see you on rock band 3 next month 🙂

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