In Memory of Derek

I have spent most of the day uploading photos to a Group on Facebook for my brother.  It was very difficult to do but I smiled when reading a post from Shannon about frozen milk duds! Shane also commented on a Maple Leaf hat that Derek was wearing in one of the pictures. I really appreciate the love from people about my brother. He was always there for me… I could count on him for anything. Whether it  be a hug after fighting with mom, or some secret candy that he had hidden away from our other siblings!

lll KiRa lll was playing the guitar behind me. I don’t know if he realized it, but he was playing “Black Bird” and “Stairway to Heaven”. Those are two of the songs we played at my dads service.

When we were small, we created a ninja group. The SSD. The Sun Set Dragons! Derek created an art label too to go with our group. We would run through the forest smacking the trees with branches and scream out Sun Set Dragons. I believe it all started on afternoon at an outdoor concert that our parents dragged us to. As kids, we were very bored and we decided to make a ninja group. The sun was setting … so that’s when it began. We brought our game home with us, and it became a bit of a clan. Derek was the head ninja of course. He was the oldest and had the most skill at jumping around 😉 I am so happy to hold onto him in my heart.
He introduced me to candy covered fennel seeds that tasted like black licorice. He was with me a month ago when we spread our dad’s ashes. He always had something interesting to say regarding politics, religion, and technology. He was rather easy going and liked to relax. He was really at peace in nature and had spent the last few years of his life connecting with his brothers and father. They have a bond that is so unique and amazing. He always treated me like his little sister…even as adults. He would look across the crowd of family members and smile at me. He was always there to wrap his arms around my shoulders when I was feeling sad.
He was my brother…

Rest in Peace Derek. I love you ❤

**Ps. I found 2 dimes at once**


3 responses to “In Memory of Derek

  1. How beautiful, it brought tears to my eyes. He will always hold a special place in my heart.

  2. Love the photo… R.I.P Derek

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