My Villager is Midnite Faery… WOO Fable3 FTW =)

About a week ago I created a post called “Who is Your Villager“. This explains how Fable3 implemented a feature that you can create a villager on line and it will be imported into your game. All you have to do is pre-order the game from one of the selected companies and put in your code. You can make as many villagers as you want… but only one will go into your game.

The following is the process I went through to create my character!

First Step: Pick your character’s gender (Female)

Second Step: Name your character (Midnite Faery)

Third Step: Where was she born? (Bowerstone Market)

Forth Step:

Question: There is a man dancing in the street, trying to raise money from passers by, Midnite Faery says:

a) You dance beautifully. Wonder how you’ll do with one broken kneecap?

b) Nice moves, but do you mind? I’m working this side of the street.

c) Bravo! Please, take this necklace as a token of my esteem.

d) You really know how to move that body. What do you say you move it back to my place?

… well with responses like that, how I could I resist picking “D” I love witty remarks!

Question: Midnite Faery is in the library, perusing the fine range of literature. What does she select?

a) The Adventures of Burt the Beggar and his Magical Bunion.

b) Big Romance: The Many Armed Beast of Passion.

c) Silver Fist: The Art of Balverine Pugilism

d) Man vs. Cockerel: Dealing with Poultry-based Anxiety

Hmm… tough one. I guess “A”, perhaps because this one follows along with the first question 😉

Question: Midnite Faery decides it’s time to refurnish her house. She tells the decorator:

a) I’d like the conservatory to employ the same hues as the grand salon.

b) These chairs seem sturdy enough, but how do you restrain the occupant? Have you any with ring-bolts?

c) I liked the style of my old bed, but there was only room for four people

d) All this carpeting will have to come up; this is where I’ll keep the strays until I’ve found them homes.

I like the answer “C”. It’s fun and witty! 🙂

Question: Midnite Faery is moving house. She tells the postmaster to forward her mail to:

a) The ditch behind the fish stall. You know, they throw out plenty of perfectly good bits!

b) My secure bunker, located sixty feet beneath… actually. I’d rather not tell you where it is.

c) Duckworth Manor. This document contains the names of all the servants authorized to receive packages on my behalf.

d) The Lonesome Hills Monastery. Though I don’t expect much post.

I would like my lovely little villager to have loads of money and servants, so “C” sounds perfect!

Final Question: If a friend were looking for a new hobby, Midnite might recommend:

a) Buying Houses and evicting tenants. It’s not just good business, it’s good fun.

b) Charity Pie making. Everyone likes pie, especially those with nothing else to eat.

c) Prostitution. Business, pleasure… why separate the two?

d) Defenestration. But you have to be decisive, or you might miss your window.

Since “A” made me giggle… I choose “A”

And it is DONE:

Midnite Faery is:

-Quick with a coy remark or coquettish wink, she likes nothing better than a good bit of saucy banter.

-Midnite Faery uses her carefully amassed fortune for clearly defined and meticulously planned goals, many of which relate to further increasing said fortune.

-It is easy to get on the bad side of Midnite Faery, which is very bad indeed, even as bad sides go. It’s really best to avoid her altogether.

-Midnite Faery prefers the company of the opposite sex. (well… duh! :P)

The Midnite Faery as a Villager

Hopefully you get the opportunity to go online and create your villager!!


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