My Adventure in Pitt Meadows

I woke up and didn’t turn on my xbox! That is quite a change for a typical day off.

Usually in the morning, I will go down to Starbucks and get my: grande in a tall Americano with an inch of cold water and no room, but rather I went to the bus stop and phoned an old friend who lives a few buses away. She was keen for some coffee so I started my trek out to her Starbucks! It was about an hour or so of travelling time, and I never ever cross the bridge in to Pitt Meadows. It’s a whole other world out there. A smaller town that just moves at a different pace.

It was so good having coffee with Karen! We were able to catch up on the past 4 years or so. We are thinking about getting together with our boys next Friday so they can play some music together, and we can drink coffee. They were in a pretty cool acoustic band a few years ago.

Karen had to go to work for 2pm so I went to meet up with Anik. I haven’t seen her in … hmmm… maybe, 8 years? Possibly longer. She moved back east and we lost touch. She was my first friend in BC when I moved here. I was 10 years old (almost 11). She was new too, from Montreal. We became best friends and were inseparable for years. We talked about the days she would chase her younger brother around the house because he ate all the good cream cheese or took the t.v. remote. It was really nice to laugh!

On our way to Timmy’s (Tim Hortons… coffee… for all the non-Canadians!), right beside us, there was a 4 car pile-up! It was like, RIGHT beside us. I think car #3, the smushed van, was directly beside us. The first thing I did was phone 911. Everyone in their cars just sat there for a moment. Their air bags had popped open and I think they were in shock. The first car, which had a female driver, was the first to get out and start recording the licence plates and whatnot. It was crazy! I have never been that close to an accident. lll KiRa lll was asking if we were okay. There could have been debris that flew and hit us, but luckily it all stayed on the road. So… that was a rather shocking event. All the drivers seemed okay, but I’m pretty sure ambulances were on their way too (and driver #2 was claiming that her neck was sore. I wouldn’t be surprised as the van was pretty damaged!). The 911 operator asked for all my info after I described what I saw/heard, then we carried on our way to get coffee.

After coffee, we went to visit Nicole. I had to get a drink of water, so we popped into a very Asian mall. I asked Anik if she had bubble tea before. She looked confused. So.. no, she hadn’t. I took her upstairs and we ordered a strawberry & mango bubble tea with pearls. I showed her what the drinks look like, and told her that you eat the balls at the bottom of the drink. I love introducing people to new foods and drinks because their facial expressions are priceless! After she tried to peel the lid off, but then punched her giant straw through, she took a sip, then scrunched up her mouth and looked around then swallowed. The balls were nothing like she expected. She was expecting hard, candy like balls, but these are slimy and gooey balls! Oh man… that was beautiful. She had a few sips and it seemed like she might like it. I love bubble tea! I’m not a fan of the mango jellies but pearls.. yum! While we were walking to Nicole’s, Anik took a big sip of her tea, and I guess she got about 10 pearls. To my surprise she turned to the grass and spat them out! She looked at me and said sorry… she just couldn’t do it. It was way too slimy!

We stayed at Nicole’s until lll KiRa lll got off work. I went to meet up with him and make some midnite dinner. Mmm… Greek salad and salmon.

The whole day was a lot of fun and I’m really happy that I got out of the house. However… I did miss my xbox! 😉


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