Portal is Mind Boggling

This morning, I woke up and turned on my xbox! Ah ha! It is a typical day for me 😉 I started with a bit of Left 4 Dead 2, and kicked some butt on scavenge. But afterwards I decided that I might try a new game. I haven’t played played Portal before. Shocker right!? …sadly it’s true.

I have the Orange box, and I’ve tried it a few times with lll KiRa lll, but it wasn’t much fun. I never even considered playing Portal. I was having an online debate about video games with a friend from a gaming forum, and he brought up Portal. Surprised that I claim to be a gamer but haven’t played it yet. He challenged me to complete the game and then continue our discussion. Hmph. Fine. I will try it out now.

Chapter 1: The game loads and there’s a timer in front of you. It’s counting down the seconds. Starting at 1 minute. Uhm… what am I suppose to do!? A makes you jump, B makes you crouch, and X lets you pick up and move stuff. OOOhhhh …. the first Portal door opens after a minute! I’m sure that everyone already knows all this, but it’s new to me!

I am the girl that I see in front of me.

Following the pathway through the building, I come upon my first puzzle. A big red button that needs to be held down to keep the door open. There are some big cubes in front of me. Success!

The door stays open. Directly in front of me, there was an elevator. I was totally afraid to walk through the particles blocking the elevator. There was no where else to go, and no more cubes… so I decided to chance it! … and it’s all good.

More puzzles with the cube and red button. I had to wait for the right portals to open before going through them.

I get a very nerve racking feeling listening to the robotic voice tell me about the puzzles.

Score! I got a portal maker! I had to accidentally walk into the laser beam machine to get it… but now that I have it, the doors have opened and I can carry on.

What a tripped out game! I can’t figure out where I’m suppose to go. I am shooting through walls and whoa! Shooting through floors too.

Ahh… sigh… what am I suppose to do!?

Platforming. Apparently this is a platforming game with puzzles and I am suppose to have a calm mind and think about it. Orange door, blue door… what should I do?



2 responses to “Portal is Mind Boggling

  1. On my second?third time through. Because after you just make it through you can get higher/better medal scores and challenges by least uses of portal and steps or time. Have fun.

  2. portal is tops & it’s got the best end-credit song ever 🙂
    the other 4 games on the orange box are great too. Half-Life takes a second to get used to (esp if you’re like me and you avoid FPS’s like the plague) but it’s well worth the effort (episode 2 is one of my all time favorite games!)

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