Plants vs. Zombies

I heard about this game as an Iphone application from May (the manager at my favourite starbucks). She was wondering if I had played it, and if there was any games similar because she really enjoyed it. I don’t have an Iphone so I don’t have applications. I swear there is something for everyone though, because even my co-worker has a shoe game. Yes… a game all about shoes! Crazy.

I was on the train and didn’t feel like writing so I opened up the games folder that came with my new netbook. Low and behold, there is Plants vs. Zombies! Time to see what all the hype was about. I was sitting next to lll KiRa lll, so he watched me for a few minutes.

Stage 1:

The game loaded and the first stage was to plant some bomber-like plants. They kill the zombies by shooting cannons at them. The further left they are planted the more shots you will get before the zombies make it across the field. If you plant them on the right side of the lawn, then the zombies will have the opportunity to smash them! We don’t want our little plants smashed 😦 Each bomber-like plant takes 100 sun and each little floating sun that you collect gives you 25 sun. There’s one every few seconds. In the final wave of zombies, the zombie in charge is carrying a flag that has brains on it! Awesome!

Stage 2:

In this stage you get sunflowers. They produce more sun so you can build plants faster. The sunflowers cost 50 sun and they are ready to be planted fairly quickly. Plus there’s a reload waiting period between each plant you can select. The mission is still the same, kill all the zombies before they cross the lawn to your house. Only you can have more plants and you have more zombies to kill. Plant them strategically (a 4 year old could figure it out). Sunflowers should go behind bomber-like plants because they are protected then. Duh. There’s a few more zombies… so you need to have a few more plants!

Stage 3:

Woohoo! Cherry bombs! It costs 150 sun, but it’s pretty cool. I failed at the first one, because I thought it was similar to a plant and when it is placed then it would wait until a zombie walked on it before exploding. Uhm, no. It explodes as soon as you put it down and it kills anything in its path. I think the best I got was 3 zombies (because they attempt to cross in small groups).

Stage 4 & 5:

You get a shovel (4) so you can pick up plants if they are in the way and a brain-nut (5) so the zombie stops for a nibble. This helps because you can move sunflowers if you need to put a bomber-like plant in front of your house.
Stage 6:

There are explosives that detonate when touched. These can be placed anywhere, and are highly effective!

Stage 7:

WHAT!?! I have to pay for the rest of the game. Oh wow. I got so suckered into this repetitive planting and zombie killing madness. I am not going to buy the game for my netbook, but I can see why people would have it as an application for their Iphones. It’s a mindless zombie killing game, which is cute and easy to play!

If I ever get an Iphone, or an Ipod that’s bigger than my current one (one that supports applications) then I will get this game. It’s totally worth $7. It’s a good game to play while travelling to work.


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